The Truth In Plain Sight

Here is a user’s guide to magic pill terminology. Red pill: wake up from the matrix. Blue: return to the matrix. Black: nihilism. White: optimism. Orange: understand Bitcoin.

As programmed patterns lull and lure, profane
extolling: to drink the kool-aid’s mundane,
the stamina required to see (free will)
though likened to a colored magic pill

and grouched about as dimwits take the stage
is yet another psy-op to engage
focus and energy. The root, the field
dynamic and magnetic is concealed

by the false web of narrative displayed
on screens in childish illogical ways.
There is a droplet sparkling in view
which clears the haze and all the lies cuts through.

Inspired by: Drink, Droplet, Grouch, Mundane and Stamina.

Featured image: This sparkling droplet just outside the fuzzy web called forth today’s poem.