On The Rebound

I never aimed for the ritzy

life, losing my patent leathers

a minute after being shod,

tearing the ruffles and lace

in my haste toward sanctuary

on a dirt trail.  And truly, has there

ever been a properly nourished

three-year-old?  Who can handle

the bundle of curiosity and intelligence,

a running stream along the frozen banks

of parents, worried about some future

peril?   Civilizing the savage —

oh, the strength of that little monster —

with a death grip before the child darts

into traffic.  Channeling all that fear

and pain just here, into these

specific tissues, strapping on the family

baggage.  Seems a surefire way

to dampen this wildness,

but the inflammation will

smolder undetected for decades.

With a grandmother’s eyes,

I see the preoccupied surprise

at the antics of a being

in joy — damn it, bills to pay and photos

to post and likes to count.

I’ve got time to honor every pain

and ache a day with him

exposes, a little girl desperate

for attention, crawling beside him

in my lap, where finally I can give

everything I’ve hoped to receive

from everyone else.

Inspired by:  Ritzy, Baggage, Bundle and Strength.

Glory Days

He’s heading for Colombia

where I had a grand adventure

and he listens, eyes shining 

with the rapt vision

only a ten-year-old brings

to the planet.  He asks,

when was this?

And I count back 40 years.

I can see his calculations

spinning in a nebulous attempt

— his mother wasn’t even born

yet — and he finally exclaims

a sincere goal for me to regain

happiness, you should go back! 

I neglect to say

in an alternate

universe, I am living

in Esmeraldas, a cottage

industry of black coral jewelry

with treasures I pluck

from the sea.  Bartering beauty

with fleeting tourists,

feeding the local children

with stories under the stars

of wildly different constellations

in the southern hemisphere.

Today I see myself 

in his open heart

and that child emerges

ready to change the world

with one loving step

right now, constellated 

in all of my layers

throughout my lineage.

He’s right, it’s never

too late, so I go back

and take her hand,

fill with her innate

greatness, breathing in

and out, vibrating alive.

Inspired by:  Nebulous, Goal, Adventure, Cottage.