Grey Turns To Blue

Each face swimming into my hereness
calls and texts or in the shunned connections
blessings in this misty morning nearness
the grey thick air devours reflections
of vivid vistas. Yesterday’s clearness
disappears. Here a cold wet inspection
alleviates misperceptions, makes light
of falsely perceived rejection haze-bright.

The fractal I create illuminates
all of my lessons soaking in presence.
When we touch I embrace, elucidate
the wounded patterns in my face.  Essence
of evolution, intuitive gates
open the paradigm’s obsolescence.
Hear my growl deep in the woods.  Rain-fog gifts
are love, a sending as the timelines shift.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Grey turns to blue, Alleviate, Devour, Vivid, Growl and the OctPoWriMo Day 22 prompt to follow your gut feelings in an Ottava Rima.

Golden Now

High in the canopy moaning the weight
she’s holding a dead loved one in the crook
where he fell into her strength. I move slow
underneath opening tree prescience.

Meandering in these good woods painted
and lit by a beaming sun mostly gold
and butter yellow and the yellowgreens
on deck. Radiant jubilant and deep

on this trail the seven of us meet eyes
and say hello and smile each time we pass.
I’m not walking straight, making love to these
stunning vistas. Transfixed. Camera clicks.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by a walk under a moaning tree yesterday, a unfamiliar song.

Kaleidoscopes in Love

Photonic light frequencies amplify everything, lifting the self-imposed veils so you may examine, release and clear what does not serve. Zero focus on what you don’t desire. Amplify the Light and it will blast the distortions into a faded memory.~Sandra Walter

I sleep easily in the banshee cries
my mighty intangible ancestry
a river running through me the polished 
stones in my banks hidden treasure revealed 

a cinch though I can’t see, moving in the 
current yesterday’s anguish escapes my 
grip, I’m flow as each distortion rises
to my calling, I am falling in love 

now, this power rising as I receive 
what I project, ah, true love, once so mis-
construed as rainbow-lit sanctuary,
backs turned, the family’s pause just before

entering the box called home.  Illusion
disappearing, darling, it’s time to move 
on, creativity aware passion 
ignites imagination in full flight.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Intangible, Cinch, Mighty!, Banshee and the OctPoWriMo Day 16 prompt: turning things inside up and upside down.

Life Force

There are seven qualities that act as keys to unlock the space which allows you, as an Individual, entry into this magical space. These keys are: Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity, Possibilities, Desire, Integrity, and Freedom.  These are not keys that someone can give you.
These are keys that You must discover for Your SELF.~Bonnie Lange

Create with imagination what you most deeply desire and make it into fact in the new world.~Jon Rappoport

Curiously sedate air, it’s a new
morning, a sweet summer’s breeze glorious
sun insisting warm days will continue–
yesterday’s fall alarm a needless fuss.

Each moment a new threshold poised for change.
Alert as subtle messages take wing.
Pry out the old, my life has rearranged.
Ancient patterns have no sway, everything

exposed, the big reveal I’ll leave behind.
Again, the flimsy script—ho hum—fumbles
false portraits of existence charcoal lines.
Wild powers seethe and new colors rumble.

How were we all enslaved so easily?
Imagination squelched in every child.
Some of us took it underground, teasing
cryptic verse and song celebrating wild.

We need to put our feet right on the ground
when internet has crashed and we’re online
with new expanded senses, tuned in sound
and using superpowers, our divine

unlimited resources—watch me blow
all these dark clouds away.  They are the dreams
and fears others concoct, you buy, controlled
until you wake now is not what it seems.

Inspired by: Pattern, Pry, Charcoal and Online.

Elementary Lifesaving

There are people in this servile world who will endure any trampling, and at the first beck rush delightedly to proffer their assistance.~Richard Jefferies

We meet each successful escapee
with an enquiry to ascertain
their saving idiosyncrasy
once we learned individual gain

is the key.  Rich possibility
a fractal brings lightbeams or a note
flung over the waters, a ring free
for the catching.  You save yourself, float

til a ladder’s unoccupied rung
responsive to the life you’ve sung appears.
Inviting, never command.  Among
the damned, the laughter of the free clears

confused lost seekers seeking outward
rule to bid them hither and yon, fools
scurrying to build an unjust world
poisoned, collapsing, still they fuel…

And how did you finally wake, my dear?
A chance encounter? Every single
tale takes sail in our creation, here
and now in the blooming we tingle.

Inspired by: Idiosyncrasy, Encounter, Laughter and Unoccupied. And the amazing new world unfolding in my work in progress!

Now Is No Time

“We are living in a time where large cleaning processes show us the massive amount of collective fear that is arising. If we combine that understanding with presence, it’s an amazing moment for humanity to deepen our grounding and the connection to our embodiment. Without presence, I will only be scared and frightened and will allow fear to run my decisions.”~Thomas Huebl

The trees are dripping light and tender drops
of rain they’ve held as if this ray of sun
is calling us each to let go, look up,
receive the sweet abundance, rightful one!

We emerge from old stories once precious
cast aside as new creations shake us
awake. Ascend in this now precocious
losing fear, rejoicing our love takes us

to the central core: who we are and more
why we together gather here awake.
I offer you insights, hardwon, implore
open space!  Now is no time to waste.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Sweet, Space, Precocious and Rightful.

Choosing Light

As always, we can flow with this in the calm of Zero Point, or wrestle with the currents in the chaotic fray of the storm.~Sandra Walter

As I’m treading this water, a dollop
of despair descends before I can duck
into now. Linear echos call up
the past. No choice at the junction I’m stuck

so I equivocate; my calls to flow
just agitate. Eyes closed, I center, ground
and so remember breath. All I don’t know
can be held lightly or denied, thrown down.

All that I have just might be anchors, pull
me from the sacred receptivity
just asking, how can I serve right now? Full
and empty, streaming creativity.

Inspired by: Dollop, Lightly, Junction and Equivocate.

The Way

A rabbit’s munching clover, ears alert.
The weeds have spread to cover all the dirt.
Deep in the dark, tears trickled down my cheek.
I embraced sorrow, these feelings I seek.
No longer moody, filled with angst, these days
I step into the flow and ride the waves.
And when they’ve passed, I find I liberate
what I construed as iron bars, a cage
of my own creation, limitations
I erected, never suspected. Gates
open only in the now. This is how
new earth emerges, living in the tao.

Inspired by: Easygoing, Moody, Liberate and Construe.

New Songs

As the population is sickening
in the new cult, tune into what matters
like music each bright thought thickening
before our eyes as lazy time shatters

what cannot hold. How do we know what’s real?
Illusions flatter elite control. A
simple no the way to step off the wheel
into each opportunity, I play

light into bones, unthinkable. Pretend
rapport is a song. Project harmony
ringing, a gala, celebrate your friend
emerging from true love’s enormity

Inspired by:  Sickening, Lazy, Gala, Matter and this clover growing in a tree. Things are not always what they seem. Celebrate life! Sing!

Rising In Truth

Be cheerfully devoted to shedding your certainties. Lose your attachment to the beliefs and theories you tend to overly rely on. Make yourself as empty and clear and spacious as you possibly can.~Rob Brezsny

There is no chart for these hot waters when
new lands emerge while we’re asleep deprived
of inner compasses, we stir alive
in the deep reckoning. Where we’ve been

is of no consequence. Habits adrift
clamor, stuck in story. How then to shift
automatic vehicles streamlined, cruising
faster than we feel as we’re losing

ground? Morning comes, a frog is swimming dire
along the slanted blue edge. I inquire
if she needs aid. She nears and peers above
and so together we create true love’s

miracles, giving and receiving. She
pauses for a photo and we breathe the
new medium. I point her toward the pond.
Now she must cross this broad green swath alone.

Birds watch and call. Intention’s radiance
deflates cultists’ lockstep obedience.
This woman never follows silly lies.
I poke some holes, walk free, aim the truth’s rise.

Inspired by: Hot, Chart, Asleep and Deprive and this frog, after the rescue. Tilly and the Rescued