The Great Globe Escapade

Let a frown be your umbrella~Oscar The Grouch

The great globe escapade dream-like began
in a foreign locale where women mask
while browsing past cheap trinkets and you can
call relics from my childhood vintage, ask

at any Shipshewanna market stall.
Playing photographer, beauty I trail
my friends, two Nordic goddesses I call
framing my shots in joy intentional

and they willingly pose deadpan and all
around I hear the murmur in the crowds,
who is that? Oh, she’s famous—can’t recall
and then the vendor cries, and he is loud

no pictures, can’t you read? just radiating
animosity, the cranky man
claiming his legal rights. I end his prate
showing each frame, I offer to abandon

any shots he wishes. Truth, I’m charmed.
He’s bought into my she’s-all-that intent
just as I’m stepping into it. Disarmed
by flowing joy he grudgingly consents.

I grin, thankful his unique eyes can see
my expanding possibilities. How
to step into the challenge? I must be
curious and wild, tuned right in to now.

Inspired by: Umbrella, Dream, Escapade and Locale.

Follow The Stars

A good friend of mine follows the stars. Venus and Mars are alright tonight.~Paul McCartney

And I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight, with a million stars all around.~Jack Tempchin

Star jewels sparkle the dark. Jupiter
hangs low and ripe. I await the release
of umpteen dreams a full moon recruiter
sweeps away. Granted. Think bigger. Make peace

with your shadows. You, too, must rise. It’s time.
You are a juggernaut, unstoppable.
Your fate calls you, grandiloquent, sublime.
Reset from all those whoops, impossible

to halt your rise. Above the obstacles
love takes charge. Surprise! With each reach, each touch
you climb into our hearts like crop circles
suddenly here and now we learn so much.

Inspired by:  Grandiloquent, Whoops, Juggernaut and Umpteen.

Featured image: last night’s spectacular full moon.

More Than You’ll Ever Know

More than the greatest love the world has known, this is the love I give to you alone. More than the simple words I try to say, I only live to love you more each day.~Norman Newell

I’m sitting on a chair just after rain
washed the morning. Birds exalt from treetops.
John carries the brisket–well injected
and rubbed–to the smoker. It’s Saturday.

Introducing August in cool breezes
teasing precious drops from the maze of leaves
above me. Investing my currency
singing Present! in tune, open-hearted.

Oh, there’s no rhyme or reason in this verse.
I am alive and thriving, can you tell?
Releasing triggers as they find me whole
and dancing, in love, my heart reveals more.

Inspired by: Exalt, Precious, Maze, Introducing, and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to start the post with the word “more.”

And the quiet pacing and simplicity of Matt Monro’s cover of the song More (ti guardero nel cuore translates to look inside my heart.)

Deeper Tuning

Ask yourself: what is the underlying basis of reality?~Jon Rappoport

In each shocking moment send your grounded
zing deep and high and widening torus
sheer joy flows this way, the present sounded
like a bell—your ringing being porous

—the opposite of perfunctory claiming
unready, so scurry to define
racism deep-woven culture proclaiming
nothing’s here, all’s good, everything’s fine—

The new skies demand the way out of doors
tumbling barefoot, energy’s aligned
so many shouting in the distance, floors
and foundations crumbling, so much to mine

Shh. Be still. Imagination wild now,
eyes open, play a what-if game, or dream
a new paradigm. I’m sure you know how.
Give-receive each gift with deep listening.

Inspired by: Scurry, Perfunctory, Unready and Racism.

Featured image is a rose of sharon blossom with the kaleidoscope effect.

Let Us Rejoice

From this pergola, inky darkness pierced
by a waxing silver fingernail moon,
I ascertain the sky clock, pure and fierce
and calling for attention all too soon

for the ungrounded masses’ energies
expended on disclosure, frittering
their true currency. To reach synergy
relinquish bickering by twittering

catchphrases and slogans founded in lies.
The truth flows easily like water though
in this desert there’s no holding. Sunrise
brings vast vistas impossible to slow

we realize we must embrace the taste
love brings even to the bitterest things.
Eyes on the skies, feet on the ground, all haste
released. In the now open hearts and sing.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Inky, Fingernail, Ascertain and Pergola.

Look Up, Check In

Happy Day of Universal Peace and Galactic Freedom

This is a beautiful place, magical
bird messengers cajole the breeze. Solar
gifts are streaming down, sun gazing eyeful
I’m beside myself moving in pure flow

when I uncouple now from time’s driving
check in with my future self, this discrete
being an illusion, all that striving
just a game. Breathe in and out. Now repeat.

Inspired by: Magical, Cajole, Discrete, Driving and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: check/cheque/Czech.

What Feeds Us Now

Keep it simple, deal with the Now. This Global reset is training us to trust the Presence within, and New Earth dynamics of consistent alignment with highest interests of all concerned.~Sandra Walter

How can I serve? Other than offering
mouthwatering cake in an ambience
designed to obliterate posturing.
Sit down, relax, at peace with common sense.

I can’t eat gluten. Sugar is my foe.
So what I’ll bake with patience, and dish up:
harmonic codes designed to feed the flow
of love, ringing. Just breathe right now. Link up.

Inspired by: Cake, Mouthwatering, Obliterate, Ambience and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Link.

Written to hold space for the collective shadow work the human race is currently undergoing.

Creating Today

Creative sparks lead you into uncharted waters.~Jon Rappoport

I’m nearly giddy, dancing as raindrops
adorn my beautiful body with plops
into games of let’s pretend I leap bold
water kisses sizzle my bare skin. Cold

hardhearted daze disappear. I’m here to start
my pure imagination sparking art
creating from the questions I don’t know
a single limit. Look, I’m free. Aglow.

Inspired by: Giddy, Dancing, Nearly and Adorn.

Living In Harmony

“People are not willing to be governed any more in that regard, and so we want to recognize that by removing that restriction.” 

And so they weren’t! It’s our consent that buries our freedoms.

It’s a numbers game. We MASSIVELY outnumber those who would be our masters—and it terrifies them.

The whole control grid is, in truth, a house of cards. The slightest breath of freedom will level it in an instant.~Brendan Murphy

How do you move through the world with precise
love when all around people are triggered
in fear? You could comfort and soothe with ice
cream or hot soup, secure as life’s rigors

continue nonstop. Do I seem callous
just setting my boundary? Peace is prized
after the long war, while a battle can stir
angry passion. Why not open your eyes

in the darkness, bring light as moonflowers
surprise and delight? I hold wide open
space, deep faith. Sweet inquiry empowers
this heart I consistently put hope in.

Inspired by: Ice Cream, Callous, and Secure.

Rising Frequency

If you don’t know you are being fed false information, then how can you avoid forming a false picture of reality? And if you form that false picture, then you guide your own behavior inside that framework–Which means you’re limiting your own behavior and perception.~Jon Rappoport

Back when I shriveled in the noxious fumes
air, water and food imbued with toxins
I acquired a diagnosis or two
by doctors flummoxed, their knowledge boxed in

tight by the medical cartel, controlled
and muted in the politics of drugs.
The Hippocratic Obligation to
harm none lost along the wayside. Now thugs

carrying out orders from above, not
the most high, that Christed healing decried.
I found my way. I got in tune. I thought
that I could sing a healing song, denied

by people so invested in the score
of fear and retribution, war and lack.
My voice rising, my instrument, my core
vibrating to the frequency love track

of joy! Yes, even in the chaos all
around, you’ll feel my tender sound. I hear
the symphony in you. You’ll wake and call
across the stage where we’re all tuning: Here!

Inspired by:Obligation, Shrivel, Acquire and Noxious