All-Seeing Eye

Most people over the age of 18 have a calcified pineal, where a hard shell forms around the gland, and our access to the astral realm is effectively shut off.~InsightState

The spooky calcification fluoride
causes to the pineal gland third eye
deliberately closed cast in darkness
our intuitive lights dimmed to starkness

with gruesome results, blind and angry led
by propaganda news, curated dread.
I create harmony, decalcify
my sovereign power, insights multiply.

Inspired by: Harmony, Darkness, Spooky, Gruesome and this two-minute explanation of the perils of fluoride.

The link for the quote above details 11 ways to decalcify your pineal gland.

Featured image: Great Seal of the United States. “We set the All-Seeing eye upon the pyramid.”~Grace Moray.

In Subtle Ways

A little dog yelps in this scene despair
hereabouts seeping in ways I’m aware
words cannot convey in a wilderness
of emotions unclaimed I’m filterless

a tenderfoot bewildered in the dark
flinching and breathless yielding til the spark
lights my kindling gathered without a clue
for its necessity until just through

the clouds first rays of sun humble I bow
interconnected in the weave somehow
awake at last I see all of the lies
I’ve learned so well vanish before my eyes

Inspired by: Scene, Tenderfoot and Hereabouts.

Featured image: a green pinecone symbolizes the pineal gland, the all-seeing third eye which perceives beyond the ordinary.