The Music Is Just Starting

“Apparently, the healing energies are everywhere in the air as in a special WI-FI-field. But to be effective, they need a human being as a medium to lend them body and voice for a few minutes. Then the healing powers begin to work with gestures and sounds.” ~ Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Be aware of the power of sound vibrations in setting intentions and in manifesting. ~ Victoria Stuart

I’ve been embracing my shadows
and learning that love is precision.
I sing out my intentions
in the depths of meditative space
and the reverberations are shattering
my ways to cope. My family
and friends are used to my indulgence;
I’ve allowed them to ride roughshod
over my best interests, because isn’t
that what loving means? Now they are
afraid I will deprive them of my presence.
Ironic, since this is the first time
I have even seen the ground
let alone been able to stand mine.
In this new space opened by my desire
to be in the next level of relationships,
I acknowledge my instinct to flee
the mess and confusion, the seeming
disrespect. Even so, it is my honor
to present myself all decked out
in my new shades. Drumming and chanting
my new mantra:  I belong here.
I celebrate this imperfect
now, unsettling enough that my
ancestors are rolling in their graves.
That’s a good sign; the fresh air
will disintegrate secrets they have hidden
and free us all to play.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: Deprive

Inspired by the Rag Tag Prompt: Indulgence

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Inspired by the Daily Addictions Prompt: Cope

A Notable Improvement

Once, it was easy to zone out

for an hour while a master moves

my muscles and limbs, but now

the intention I hold as

I move into spaces

transforms my very being.  I am here

to release because it is clear

that my grip is deadly.  Though

I hold on for dear life,

that chokehold is fatal.

A month ago, I named

what I want to release,

but in this healing container

created with an intuitive energy

mover, I am learning

the power of simplicity

offered by orthobionomy.

She touches my feet,

and all the things that I can’t stand

arise: full-blown, operatic,

enticing, beckoning, Jump in

— free admission! —

and relive that past trauma.

In the middle of the deluge, I remember

I am here to release,

so I let it go — I was holding that

in my feet?  When she moves

to my hands, all the things I can’t handle

arise. My body is so literal!

When what I believed I could handle

appears, my throat gets itchy

and a tear slides down my cheek.

I track its path in wonderment.

It feels huge, obvious as if traced

with a purple paint-laden brush,

and I am here, right now,

to release it all, even the joy

bubbling up in the freed-up places.

I open my treasure chest, intent upon

bestowing all that I’ve held dear,

all that’s held me captive.

She touches my scalp

rivulets of energy

zapping, finally freed,

flow down and out

the bubbling wells at the soles

of my feet. Soul work, indeed.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: notable

Power Song of You

Show up.  Pay attention.  Tell the truth.  Let go of the outcome. — Angeles Arrien’s four-fold way

Make no mistake. When you are urged to be big in your intention, it is because intentions are the invincible force. If you dare to end a seemingly impossible thing, perhaps it is dragging on because its threads are those of human existence. You are not just working your singular dreams, you are flying through the multiverse. What you find is that when you focus on the microcosm, the macrocosm is revealed. Don’t think of saying, I don’t want to play that big, or backing away. You will soon see you ARE that big. You ARE all that. And though it seems more than one person can bear, you have been here, bearing this all your life. Intention is the powerful crystal of healing that lets you step into being fully human. There is no way to play small. Now you realize that there never has been, and you have never even considered it. Can one person change the planet? That’s why you came here. That’s what you are up to. 

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: song

All These Mirrors

“Your holiest pain might come from your yearning to change yourself in exactly the way you’d like the world around you to change.” — Rob Brezsny

I climbed a hallowed mountain

last week, with familiar bloated ache

that I call tummy pain.  The ageless mystic

basically said: When are you going

to stop monkeying around

and play big

like the warrior you truly are?

I may be old, but I’m no wimp.

I rose to the challenge,

setting my intention like a heedless

knight starting an impossible quest.

We parted ways as my horse clattered

toward the fearsome dragon.

That was easy, I decided right before

seventy shards of glass

shattered me into a quivering mass.

I couldn’t move, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t breathe.

It took two full days before I could even wonder:

did I ask for this? I certainly requested

immediate aid, and it came pouring in

melting the sharp pieces, a flow

of molten energy finally shifting.

I forced down bone broth before

the next wave hit, and I embarked

on the grand tour of pain,

challenging my perceptions

of my own strength and will to live.

I’d thought pain was no stranger

but this was like being yanked

out of a riptide just before it drowns you

and plunging headlong

down a rocky waterfall, slick

and deadly.  Never catching your breath.

I constructed my own cave,

became a mystic to tune in

to all the disturbing images

in human existence, the ones encoded

in our very DNA.  I knelt in gruesome

battlefields while my ancestors

spat at each other while slipping

in their spilled blood.  When there are ancient

pieces of yourself so despised,

you feel helpless and worthless

and you writhe in agony, wondering

where is the remedy?

The surgeons stand ready, knives gleaming,

but what do you cut out

when the key is locked in your very cells?

I’m standing at the edge of the cave

this morning, looking into a downpour

with darkly grumbling low clouds and fiercely

thrown arrows of pure

flashing light, determined to explore

this question:  what can I change

in myself that I most want to change

in this world?

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: explore