Where Power Emerges

Here I am, changing my
beliefs, with giant leaps
of faith. Superpowers unseen
by my pliant sheep emerge
in this interval city scene
caught in the aftermath
of a popular holiday

designed to lure
children into the sight
of a beneficent old white
man bearing gifts. Wholeheartedly
receiving obvious miracles,
the rifts of machinations
buried deep in the foundations.
Still, it’s a choice: do you
believe Santa Claus is true?
And at the edge of the precipice
of knowledge, a youth can glimpse
the edifice.

Here is the place
of power.

Can we learn to
discern–understanding the myth
presented by parents’ delighted
glory, not saying, they lie,
instead realize it’s all story.
In the surge of cultural dogma,
ancestral tugs and frantic
trauma, fragmented selves say
in panic, this is real!
caught in the riptide
dragging under.

Listen: the voice
that tells of peril is true
freedom if only we can perceive
the inner demons, loosening
their grip give them the slip
in the expanded space of now.

Inspired by: Interval, Freedom, Popular and Aftermath.