In the blue afternoon pool I wave angels
from watery places, each movement
pure grace-sparkle as the sun and I create
where love beams new dimensions. Shadows
emerge long submerged in illusory cages
rippling through now, embraced, songs
spread, undulating through my being.


Written for the dversepoets prompt to write a quadrille for “Blue.”

Staying Hungry

Life like delicious food
and I ravenous, ravishing

innocent abroad traveled
with angels dancing past

dangers I never perceived,
reality imbued by lavishing

curious love, unraveled
advancing and received

the view constantly awed
I ate like a street child

starving, appreciative and
utterly wild.


A quadrille (44 words) written for dverse prompt wild, a word that always evokes memories of my travels in Sud América.  Featured image is a cocina at a finca deep in the jungle in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia where I lived for a while.


You’re Lying

Today in a pine box; 

tomorrow the dark, 

cold earth will hear your tale. 

Even on your deathbed, 

you’d have liked to box my ears,

blaming me for this hard life.

All the while, denying

you’ve been tightly enclosed

in your own dark beliefs.


Inspired by the Whimsy Gizmo’s Quadrille Challenge using “box” (44 words not including the title.)