Consider the Clitoris


The preponderance of the evidence
excludes whole swaths of reality. Here’s
the clitoris, tranquil on the surface
deemed impertinent (and I’d wager feared)

by male anatomists who empower
what’s hanging obvious dangle from birth.
I’m all about revelation. Power
rises as hidden places reveal girth.

Inspired by: Birth, Preponderance, Impertinent and Tranquil. And this article on the clitoris sent to me by the indomitable Susan B.

Featured image is from an anatomically correct 3-D model of the clitoris (You could hold this in your hand for less than $20; search for them on!)

Anatomical 3D clitoris model from this article in Atlantic.

Entering Now

When the earth comes back into alignment
and the planets sing in joy, harmony
restored, celebrate our intertwinement:
connect in the knowing field part of me.

I’m cleaning up my act, leaving a map
in case you find I am a step ahead
and all these waves fill you with dread, entrap
you with fear too turbulent to steer. Spread

those wings you’ve hidden from yourself. Exalt.
Never a figment, your awesome power.
Accept your crown. The breakup of your faults
fuels your roar. Enter now empowered.

Inspired by: Breakup, Figment, Crown, Roar and Fault.

Preserved In Amber

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.~Kurt Vonnegut

In dreamtime we meet with delight, nightly
adventures though the bridges between us
we burned in our hubris, deemed unsightly,
so now in real life, we’re Mars and Venus.

No man can hold a candle to you. Climb
in the realms where we seize now with whole hearts.
Forgiving is easy outside of time.
Ring my doorbell, and let’s refine our arts.

Inspired by: Candle, Amber, Hubris, Seize and my stubborn, slowly melting heart.

Releasing What Emerges

Every word matters
like the wave sound makes
a stone sinking deep
while all around the waters ripple
spread and what we see makes
no sense discovered dissected or named

In the periphery, I hone my now-ness
unweaving all the tight constricted places
even as the narrative spinners’ temerity
steps up to ludicrous
plot lines with production skimpy and flimsy
digging up ads from early days of converting
true believers in the paradigm

each thirty-second spot containing
some essential lie required for the spoon-feeding:

this is reality
you must be satisfied with less
do not trust your neighbor
an invisible enemy is coming for you
be very afraid
compliance earns you safety
stay at home


Floundering in the morass of lies
each proclaimed evidence-free
we’re looking for soundbites and tweets

I sip hot coffee cooled by coconut
milk and collagen, say my balanced
healing requires proper nutrition

turn off the stream

I release what I’m tempted to cling to.
It’s all up to me.

Standing in truth, I summon sun
through darkness we emerge
in brand new pathways

I create

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Proclaim, Temerity, Steps and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: the last thing you put in your fridge (coconut milk).

Beyond The Paradigm

Walking maskless into the store: succor
and such compassion.  I stand in power
knowing there’s no paradox.  I demur
to these outlandish mandates which flower

among those trained to comply and obey.
Waking is difficult and fraught with pain.
Sleepwalking takes you to an altered place
where you are herded, muted and deranged.

Health crises revealed how my body works
in ways medical teams (Big Pharma-owned
and underwritten by undisclosed perks)
could not entertain. Hypnotized and honed,

simpler to label me noncompliant,
dismiss my living miracle, my gifts.
Sacred vessels are self-healing, pliant
releasing distortions.  Energy lifts 

my voice above the doubt and fear.  This time
I live in common sense and I don’t mind
the people bent on earth’s destruction.  Rhyme
and reason paired with logic, strength is mine.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Compassion, Paradox and Demur.

Featured image is a nourishing AIP (autoimmune protocol) broccoli “cheese” soup that is nutritious and delicious. Created and gifted by Michelle over at Unbound Wellness.

Nothing’s As It Seems

The gates have been blown down.  Confused, we rush
and fumble, slapping up replacements.  Bait
and switch provokes a gush of emotions.
Flawed devotions to normality crush

aberrations, weaving simple narrations
emerging in concert til dissonance
demands isolation.  When we’re unplugged,
dopamine withdrawal imprisons us.

Outside, nature summons us to gifts wild
and free for the sensing.  Stumble over
rough ground, head in the stars.  Insight reviled
no more.  Receptive now, we cross over.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Provoke, Emerge, Concert, Aberration and Switch.

Allowing Miracles

“Consider the root system of grass. Those roots hold hands, nestle together, and form a community of connectivity. This is a glorious metaphor for human harmony and community. Grass, it seems, is a fine illustration for the Golden Rule.”~Avia

In the deep rich soil of our beginnings
the new paradigm emerges rooted.

We’ve called into question underpinnings
of nefarious plots now transmuted

(as illusory stories can be when
the veils lift).  Give credence to our powers.

Mobility begins in realms outside 
of visibility. Here now flowers.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Mobility, Plot, Paradigm and Credence.

Uncontrollable Truth

I’m growing adept, moving through the waves
of denial–all around me people
chafing in the dissonance, being brave
soldiers following the flock as sheep will.

Luminescence detected, I reflect
on this cold light. Comes the dark night, a rogue
breaks free and leaves the training ring to check
some freak anomaly. What is in vogue

exposed, but can we bear to see? The lies
are plastered thick and slimy. Who’ll reach in
with patient aim to claim the truth? Who buys
the barrage, pays with energy? Preach in

vain. And yet my freedom’s liberated
by embrace, for pain indicates the place
we formed precise misbeliefs, sedated
when we needed to survive trauma’s space.

As timelines shift, emerging Now reveals
the ring of truth distorted in the field.
Tuning in place, I claim these painful peals.
My path exotic, in the truth I yield.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Adept, Denial, Rogue, Luminescence and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt ring.

Featured image: a tobacco plant kissing sun.

Once again, my stream of consciousness just went all over the place this morning, and my resolution to write quatrains brought some surprising, revealing twists.

Now This Crossing

When you see the bridge, make sure it is your own, and not someone else’s creation.~Victoria Stuart

And here I must diverge from the groupthink
*eyerolling* consulting constellations
charting belief systems to endorse (link
in bio, follow me). My creations

leave the faitours in the dust.  Here I must
describe this bridge which might take you, surprised
out of your circumscribed life.  Limitless
imagination connects me, so prized

as NaNoWriMo words flow out apace
my inner editor is locked away.
Creative outpour’s currency is grace.
And clarity insists I do not stay

in old beliefs’ sway.  All roads lead to now.
Releasing burdens, beliefs—held in thrall—
of my own making I clearly see how
this crossing is uniquely my windfall.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Diverge, Eyerolling, Faitour and Endorse.

Baffle All Powers

“That Poppy seed…within it is imprisoned a spirit of beauty ineffable, which will break its bonds and emerge from the dark ground and blossom in a splendor so dazzling as to baffle all powers of description.” ~ Celia Thaxter

Juggle the old logs, foundation rotted.
Over the hot coals, scalawag dances.
The false beliefs I’ve created slotted
for the pyre. Ignite, remembrances!

Illumination as simple as breath
when darkness rises, rejoicing in light.
The smallest moue of discontent, the depth
of buried pain, squelched emotional plight

alive and welcome here.  These burning flames
blaze from my eyes, sunblest, I’m sizzling—
leap into the fire, burn, specious claims—
embracing beauty, powers dazzling

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Remembrance, Juggle, Moue and Scalawag, so much deep inner work, and this gorgeous poppy that bloomed yesterday with its serendipitous appearance, freed here from the weight of its war-torn past and poetry.