When We Choose Love

When told to knuckle under in the storm
of lies, I stood tall in the truth and scorn
rained down on me by those permeated
by fear, calling me dangerous, insane

bypassing lament, I cultivated
my own organic growth, and I abstained
from consuming the narrative obtained
through frequencies of hate unabated

the timeline I choose leads me to sunbeams
and thriving plants luxuriate. My dreams
lucid and powerful reach into murk
remedy past where unhealed traumas lurk.

Inspired by: Storm, Lament, Cultivate and Knuckle.

Featured image: Down dog in sunbeam.

Break the Day Spell

We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination, and when you step outside the mass hallucination, you see it for what it’s worth.~Terrence McKenna

At sunrise and set I smash old beliefs
that drive me. Indiscernible motifs
stun children before logic can arise
shut up and listen, discredit your eyes

and just ignore your gut feelings, you must
hallucinate, participate and trust
a higher power. Inconsequential
your intuition is nonessential.

The golden gleam cutting through manmade haze
the light lifting horizon lines til blaze
burns off the matrix chokehold, setting free
imaginative creativity.

Inspired by: Hallucinate, Drive and Stun.

Featured image: Last night’s sunset was improbable, vivid, fleeting gorgeousness.

I Say Yes

My favorite word is one that’s hard to say
blame game‘s the online flavor of the day
and though recrimination gratifies
it feeds the mean streaks of divides. Likewise

insidious fleshing out memories
insistence on boundaries, therapy
digs in the victim/perpetrator binge
that keeps us stuck in perpetual cringe

We step into our power, like magic
as we dissolve the old tales so tragic
and release the resistance, giving voice
to yes, my favorite word. Say it. Rejoice.

Inspired by: Gratify, Flavor, Boundary, Likewise and written in a stream of consciousness for the SOCS prompt “your favorite word” and the healing practice of saying yes to the exact situation and circumstance triggering your resistance.

Featured image: Sweetgum balls or “witches burrs”–which some believe can be used to create a magical gateway.

Each Moment As Mandala

“The center of the Mandala is the Now-moment, where, through the quality of attention, we constantly create ourselves anew.”~Richard Moss

After the complete breakdown comes breakthrough
but in the chaos of the fallout few
own the consequences of their choices
embracing instead resistance voices

and what you resist persists defiant
grows your molehills into mountains giant
obstacles right in your face to reveal
the quantum state: what you observe is real

mattering as you focus and select
which possibilities claim or reject.
What scientists neglect in equations
their own intent propagates invasions.

Ironic how as children we are taught
we’re meaningless and that our words are not
the power that creates reality.
We learn to spell without logomancy.

Inspired by: Giant and Breakthrough.

Featured image: Wind-created mandala at the base of a pine.

The Truth In Plain Sight

Here is a user’s guide to magic pill terminology. Red pill: wake up from the matrix. Blue: return to the matrix. Black: nihilism. White: optimism. Orange: understand Bitcoin.

As programmed patterns lull and lure, profane
extolling: to drink the kool-aid’s mundane,
the stamina required to see (free will)
though likened to a colored magic pill

and grouched about as dimwits take the stage
is yet another psy-op to engage
focus and energy. The root, the field
dynamic and magnetic is concealed

by the false web of narrative displayed
on screens in childish illogical ways.
There is a droplet sparkling in view
which clears the haze and all the lies cuts through.

Inspired by: Drink, Droplet, Grouch, Mundane and Stamina.

Featured image: This sparkling droplet just outside the fuzzy web called forth today’s poem.

Au Naturel

For decades (centuries), official media and government have been using their bully pulpits to publish lies and self-serving gobbledygook. To control what millions of people believe and think.~Jon Rappoport

The depraved united to skew the view
distort the facts, reliable truth coup
–when you own the press, it’s easy to do–
call me conspiracist as I break through

the queue of visitors led by the hand
through galleries constructed by broadband
and humming with that 5G frequency
that irritates my sensitivity

outside I go under the dazzling stars
as Moon and Saturn dance retrograde Mars
and then the sun reveals the crimson leaves
and yellows brighter than artists conceive

Inspired by: Crimson, United, Reliable and Visitor.

No Reset Needed

Michael Bury, who predicted the 2008 financial crisis, has now completely gotten out of all stocks, and left in his portfolio only the papers of a firm that invests in private prisons and mental institutions.~Forbidden History

As AI sorts and categorizes
the lions and the sheep for franchises
rising in the great reset, human stock
replenished to fill each hellish cellblock

eyes on the profit, greed steers the cowed
illogical and dazed, beclouded
frightened and frustrated, agitated

chanting we must choose the devil we know
since moral compasses no longer show
an it harm none impossibility
there’s barely leeway for civility

yet sit in silence and engage the heart
unlink the chains beliefs have forged to start
outside prison/asylums to create
the truth beyond the narrative of hate.

Inspired by: Prison and Replenish and Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can set us free.”

All-Seeing Eye

Most people over the age of 18 have a calcified pineal, where a hard shell forms around the gland, and our access to the astral realm is effectively shut off.~InsightState

The spooky calcification fluoride
causes to the pineal gland third eye
deliberately closed cast in darkness
our intuitive lights dimmed to starkness

with gruesome results, blind and angry led
by propaganda news, curated dread.
I create harmony, decalcify
my sovereign power, insights multiply.

Inspired by: Harmony, Darkness, Spooky, Gruesome and this two-minute explanation of the perils of fluoride.

The link for the quote above details 11 ways to decalcify your pineal gland.

Featured image: Great Seal of the United States. “We set the All-Seeing eye upon the pyramid.”~Grace Moray.

Rise and Shine

I realize I can’t pretend to sleep
to summarize the dreams I tried to keep
have dissipated and though I beseech
the walls between the worlds cannot be breached

and so I rise and open up the blinds
and leap into a dazzling sunrise
that lifts me up and joyously reminds
me: open my eyes, living is the prize

Inspired by Summarize, Dazzle and Sleep.

Insomniac’s Lament

She says, there’s only love and fear so which
element is keeping you up, my dear? Switch
on the light and oscillate the air. Sleep
heals what ails you but you wheeze and weep deep

in the night as thieves prowl in the street. You
peek between the blinds, this incomplete view
you could upgrade to embrace the shades who
haunt you and taunt you your fears have made you

Inspired by: Upgrade, Oscillate, Fear and the SOCS prompt Element.

Featured image: seeds with space filter.