Non-GMO Organic

I’m saving seeds from produce I acquire
through Amish farmers. Their payments require
cash. They have no technology barefoot
Anabaptist obstinacy hardput

and yet miraculously they appear
here at the market where they make it clear
from the gleams in their eyes, their ruddy skin
they’ve found a healthy space to live life in.

And so throughout the week, I gather bills
from failing fiat. No Bitcoin orange pill
can reach them in the world they cultivate.
Their food tastes just like manna on my plate.

Inspired by: Payment, Obstinacy, Produce and Gleam.

Featured image: Sweet potato, spaghetti squash, butternut squash seeds and delicada squash from last week’s farmers’ market score.

Digesting What Is Real

All disease begins in the gut.~Hippocrates

In the surreal aisles of the box store
inedible packages of cardboard
claim to be food. I look askance, select
kleenex and toilet paper and reject

the dubious offerings, even root
vegetables, alliums, leafy greens, fruit
tasteless. The farmer’s market’s integral
to my table. I ferment victuals

my kitchen fills with jars of cultured squash,
curtido, kraut, kimchi and with panache
I create labels for my medicine.
Real food supports well-being genuine.

Inspired by: Squash, Surreal, Integral and Culture.

Featured image: Fermented vegetables from