The Way Through

We’re tuning in together across
the planet, deliberate, setting

aside our jaded lies. We’ve treaded
water, gasping and choking, trying

to heal ourselves in the poisoned
system, rising and falling alone.

Throbbing wounds from unexpected
splinters: we do not rush to kill

the pain. Instead we witness the
longing for death, trace its descent

through our lineage, the millennia
a tangled knot we cannot integrate.

Setting aside our individual triggered
drama to illuminate our collective

trauma. Each of us a fractal symptom.
Summon our skilled weavers. Illuminate

the net which binds us, blindly grasping
until we let go. The tapestry emerges

familiar and strange: our wounded
ancestors’ intricate scenes of carnage,

victim and perpetrator dances too horrifying
to love. Release the story. See the spin.

What breathes through us, what moves our
passionate living? Opening our vulnerable

hearts now, we sing what is. Resistance
chorus urges us to act. The future

clamors: repeat the unexamined past
fast. And still we sit, allowing

the tightly held terrors. Safe now
in our warm regard. In this relational

space we create entirely new
breathing what is in the way.

Inspired by: Descent, Jaded, Death and Splinter. and the Collective Trauma Summit going on this week (it’s free and it’s liberating!)

The Staff of Life

I follow the trail

distracted, hearing your cries.

In the spirit of camaraderie

it’s so much easier

to worry about your choices,


it is finally mandatory

to claim

— not like a two-year-old

declaring mine

wresting a toy from the clutch

of a sibling–

my path, my singing voice

my words

attempting to open

this glimpse

beyond the structures

we build


though now,

creating chronology

with time-pieced rungs

to climb through the rush

of incoming data.

And it’s just too much.

Let’s make a deal.

Cry, and I will feel your pain.

Enter my experience


metaphors, allegories,

breadcrumbs to lead us

— take my hand, we’ll travel

together, lean on

this walking


through star-studded,






Inspired by: Trail, Brilliance, Mandatory, Camaraderie