Relational Space

We are trying to bring light down into the darkest places. ~ Nicholas Janni

And another one gone, and another one gone.  Another one bites the dust. Hey, I’m gonna get you, too. Another one bites the dust. ~ Queen

I have been singing a lullaby

to lull this pain into a catatonic

state.  To cleverly  keep at bay

the black tarry shame.  Have you ever

noticed how what you avoid

becomes the breeding ground

for monsters? Today I reached

into the unknown

as you watched carefully,

your deep silence my opening.

I closed my eyes to the possibility

that you might judge me.

Simply trusting this space.

I showed you what I’ve never

shown myself, and you asked me

where I felt it, stuck

in my throat, a hard-fisted

heart, lungs enclosed in iron.

I wanted to spin stories

and you urged me

to go deeper, into the stagnation.

The dark place where there are

no words. Accepting this journey

as my prayer’s answer,

I follow the clues

in my body.  Finally daring

to open my eyes and see 

your nod, your smile, my tears

running down my cheeks.

The ice is melting and my cold limbs

are tingling until I can feel

energy sizzling

through my body now

until my shout of woohoo

startles our relieved laughter.


Inspired by: Lullaby, Unknown

The Music Is Just Starting

“Apparently, the healing energies are everywhere in the air as in a special WI-FI-field. But to be effective, they need a human being as a medium to lend them body and voice for a few minutes. Then the healing powers begin to work with gestures and sounds.” ~ Dr. Karl-Heinz Rauscher

Be aware of the power of sound vibrations in setting intentions and in manifesting. ~ Victoria Stuart

I’ve been embracing my shadows
and learning that love is precision.
I sing out my intentions
in the depths of meditative space
and the reverberations are shattering
my ways to cope. My family
and friends are used to my indulgence;
I’ve allowed them to ride roughshod
over my best interests, because isn’t
that what loving means? Now they are
afraid I will deprive them of my presence.
Ironic, since this is the first time
I have even seen the ground
let alone been able to stand mine.
In this new space opened by my desire
to be in the next level of relationships,
I acknowledge my instinct to flee
the mess and confusion, the seeming
disrespect. Even so, it is my honor
to present myself all decked out
in my new shades. Drumming and chanting
my new mantra:  I belong here.
I celebrate this imperfect
now, unsettling enough that my
ancestors are rolling in their graves.
That’s a good sign; the fresh air
will disintegrate secrets they have hidden
and free us all to play.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: Deprive

Inspired by the Rag Tag Prompt: Indulgence

I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts

Inspired by the Daily Addictions Prompt: Cope

Deepening Practice

Healing means that we dedicate our life to where the light meets the shadow. Working on that edge is a constant revelation and expansion. ~ Thomas Hübl

I was born on Mother’s Day,

so when the calendar reverberates

this special day, I open my heart.

So often it seems I lose sight

of the core, distracted

my datebook filling

with the need to show up

as someone fully formed and ready

to perform miracles

or at least shine loving

light on these restless shadows.

I remember to sit

in the fluid now, no idea

of who I am. I watch

thoughts bubbling up, 

feel dark emotions so long 

penned like seething

wild creatures pacing

restlessly to find release. 

I aim to dance, freely

celebrating this present

vitality, the spark of life 

my mother’s gift to me.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: core

Tune-in Time

I tuned in to today’s word “rivulet” writing yesterday’s poem, and so I found myself in a space of resistance:  I already wrote that!

Intuitive people often grapple with time,

moving in and out fluidly, genuinely

wondering, did I already have

that conversation with you

or is it yet to occur?

You walk a dangerous minefield

when you are young

and the things you see and speak of

frighten the people who raise you.

And it’s easy to see why people like me

were sought out on moonless nights

by those frightened of their own

shadows, desperate for a spell

or a potion, wisdom

and compassion read from tea leaves

or ancient symbols. Now I need

to break the silence

and remind you:

this is a hologram.

Rigid rules of what is

and isn’t possible exist to control you.

Stand in your power.

Seek the light always,

and be very certain this will

illuminate the dark places.

You could scream or flee.

Better to find the place in your cellar

where you’re locked away.

No more burning at the stake,

when we can all see

beyond the temporal veils.

Our seeing will save us from

this heedless rush into disaster

like snapping out of a dream.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: rivulet