Narrative Shift

“Relation is how spirit becomes manifest.  (Cowbirds and robins and geese are here for this)”~My notes during yesterday’s Evolutionary Relationships Zoom meeting with 20K people.)

We who dig into the roots now rise
—first, of course, self-regulate,

surprise each moment as our biosphere
becomes clear and we create

sing-praise the body electric
from microscopic molecule to planetary

thrumming and beyond, zing
past what we conceived as separate

and scary, drop objective reality
in connection commune

the symphony the masterpiece
each voice in tune

in ways we never could perceive
until we breathe

in this precious now
the beat emerges sweet and how.

Inspired by Wrangle, Safety, Surprise, Perspicacity, Curve and the dversepoets prompt, where Björn asks us to write how things will appear on the other side of the current “pandemic.” Featured image of last night’s pink moon filling my night sky.

And deep appreciation for Walt Whitman’s love poem, I Sing The Body Electric.

Notes From The Dig

Alarms trill across treetops
interrupted swallows dive into my

awareness.  I flex my superpower muscle
I don’t know

throw off the shackles of hope
create empowered grace.

Are you alive?
Thus you belong.

Your worth unquestioned.
Let’s turn together and face

our greatest fears lurking in the ruins
of our past beliefs alight in love’s bonfire.

A female swallow poses, chirrups
her enticement to the circling males.

I am now a statue, stunned from story.
Life wants to live

atwitter as sun gleams across water.
The evergreen, the blooming and the newly

budded coax slumbering oaks
to spring. We sing each other

praise now
exactly as it unfolds in ways

we cannot perceive, not today,
shifting under the weight

until our only choice is to dig
deep into the very roots of our being.


Inspired by: Lest, Contrite, Grace and Shambles.

Any opening

Here I am, to save the day!
Does my radiant smile sway?
Did I interrupt your terror
engine? You defend error
hands off when I get precise

and stand in question. Advice:
dig in the dirt to expose the roots
and the house of cards lets loose
shifting precarious
appearing nefarious.

My metaphors are bouncing
in your dissonance, trouncing
the diffidence. I aim
for any opening. No game.
Stress kills. Our coping

mechanisms with a daily onslaught
induce injury in ways that ought
not happen when we
embrace collectively.
Come on outside, let’s play.

The nightmare recedes in the day
light of our awakening.
The eggshells of our former lives
are breaking. All around
there is the new sound.


Inspired by: Bounce, Precise, Engine, Hands and Radiant.

And this article by Sol Luckman (don’t miss the eye-opening video by Dr. Andrew Kaufman.)

Believe It Or Not

One ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them.~J.R.R. Tolkien

~We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men beings are created equal, that they we are endowed by their Creator our birth with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.”~Declaration of Independence

Remember, each being plays a unique, remarkable and necessary part of life’s dance.

Without imaginary leaps, we gamble
our fortune, a single pedestrian bet.

We’re focused on the solution, we amble
toward the theory of everything, set

on an overriding solution: one powerful
God, one king, one person to tell us

what we lack. When we believe there’s one
thing wrong we call the enemy, we cut off

each prong that led us to pain and sorrow, death
looming a scary tomorrow. Fairytales

have trained our brains to blame
an “other,” dead father, evil stepmother.

The panic triggers fearful past trauma,
we’re caught in the gotta-escape drama

we make the choice to sing

in praise of now, our voices ring
in the only place we’re left

the space bereft until we call
our superpower, attention to the small

unlikely saviors, the moments
open wide. Enter now. Welcome home.

Inspired by: Gamble, Pedestrian, Zoo, Fortune and all the wise superheroes.  We got this!

So this is love

Invisible footprints sizzle.
Intentions magnetize a trace
of you impalpable and pure
magic. Charmed I slow
my pace. Disarmed
and vulnerable at last.
Spring tendrils
curling past
my now implacable uprising
beyond my senses
gentle surprising real
love-song crystals
spilling into sacred space.

Inspired by the dversepoet prompt 100: a quadrille (44 words) celebrating magic and love and spring.  And the power of shifting the narrative.

Featured image credit.

Dive Deep

Every data point is either false, exaggerated, or taken out of context. The conclusion is preconceived black propaganda void of sustaining analysis.~Scott Ritter

While we hurtle through the canyons
losing sight of our companions
the current tumbling us apart
where are we heading? we start
to succumb to a daydream, we scheme.
no one thing we can hang onto
where’s our civilization gone to?
our grasp desperate, inutile
resistance is futile
unintegrated past debris
we choke, we cannot breathe.
This severe acute respiratory
syndrome in the hands of story-
tellers with an evil aim
to gain the steering game
an influx of panic and fear
a threat to all we hold dear.
How can we take a bearing?
Be here now, gentle and caring.
Contemplate and as fear rises
acknowledge the surprises.
The military might outside the door
is not to save your life, now
calls for deep listening
open your heart. We’re glistening
like dew upon a flower.
Let this moment be our finest hour.
I’m here for you and you for me.
Shh. With this one breath dive deep.

Inspired by Contemplate, Daydream, Hang On and Bearing.

Featured image of “Indra’s Net: it’s a metaphor for inter-being” from

Ask The Horse

[They] “will continue to press every button we have…they will point us to our freedom every time.”~Byron Katie

Go right to the source and ask the horse.  Talk to Mr. Ed.~Jay Livingston

Why do robins usher in the dawn with songs
of cheer I hear even behind these sturdy walls?
Why do I call one body all my cells
who collaborate in this symphony?
Can I hear my own harmony?
How can I move into the macroscopic
view, reality askew? In the course
I offer to the world, we rhyme
outside of time. Today’s lesson taught
by blue sky fraught with stratocumulus
beings chasing across a horizon
busily steaming more and more.
What industrious chef bubbles these pots?
What is cooking? How does it feed me
now to ask? I could take our leaders
to task, blame their remote egregrious
greed. The sky reminds me to stay
open, salute the digression,
move back into question. Diving ducks
black and white have claimed the lake.
My mother says, for heaven’s sake.
Where is my power? Which place of wonder
allows me to flower? This spring
morning I inquire, step out of knowing
into this glorious change. Cirrus
wisps take the podium, custodians
whisking the stage. I stay
engaged and moving
into why, my heart at ease
powerless rage released.
There’s joy behind the fear,
relief. I wonder how
a sparrow hawk swoops past,
low and fast opens my now.


Inspired by Remote, Lesson, Course, Collaborate.

Run, but you can’t hide

For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.~Luke 9:48
Change is viral, all-
encompassing spiral as
information demands to be free.

What is withheld will bring us all
down, call the separation myths
falling to the ground.
This carefully constructed reality
dissolves as we share fully,
evolve because we must
in this chaos finally be just and
reach out a hand to those of us
in need, smothered by our greed.

We finally see
essential pieces of the holy we.


Freeing Joy

We need to uncover the underlying energetic processes; otherwise the energetic circumstances will recreate the reality that was there before…and fragment the system again.~Thomas Huebl

Unrooted, unchanging while
the planet’s rearranging
her new frequency ringing
shrilly in our cotton-laden ears.
Leave no being behind in mindless fears.
We gotta go deep, wake
from our twilight sleep.
Let us just sit
including all of it,
embrace the ugly festering in hate,
with no debate or compromise
open our frightened eyes
and finally rise up
melodious in this new earthbound key
feel joy here now
bring round



What You Resist Persists

In my last few hours with this tropical place
Imma tryna freestyle, a topical ace.
What you resist persists, we might as well
praise all the sick and twisted faces that yell
about the need for war, for sanctions
and torturous hell. The populace anxious
and fractured, the spell of separation
the lack of reparation. Dread
capitalism rearing its dying head,
thrashing while the activism feeds
its fire. Do I attract your ire?
Look, we can’t fight against the war
machine, every battle adding benzine.
The situation is dire. We’re up in arms
but that’s more of the same,
just a different spin of the game
’cause we need something to blame.
The solution is dawning just out
of sight and the bridge to the new
world is a write away. Each verse
you say leads us to claim all
the evils we’re afraid to name.
What we deny rides our back
never cuts any slack. We point
accusing fingers at the obvious
zingers. So much greed rooting
in the fear we hold so dear.
Face its tentacled embrace
so this year love will appear
give the all clear.

Inspired by: Few, Freestyle, Praise and Year.