And I would not be convicted by a jury of my peers.~Paul Simon

I receive my invitation to bitch
and frankly, all the dogs in the ‘hood
are howling, the uproar’s pitch
kidnaps serenity.

Ransom demands I rage against
inequality/moral scruples now cynical/
abandon tin-whistle marches through the capitol
when war is palpable.

We finally see the global military
empire feeds in battle.
Cages might rattle but I know
they will acquit before the trial.

The roiling unrest, ’cause shit…
The few dial in, take and defend
and we haven’t yet beseeched
snarling junkyard dogs chained out of reach

weaponized and mindless, intent to take
a bite of juicy steak
dangled in the empty air
a lure devised by a billionaire.

But we’re on our way, yipping and cowed
urged by machines’ monotone shrill/
inner peace unplowed/in overkill
we’re losing ground/the mystery

earth walled off and separate
out of time that hurries
us to our doom/it’s all gloom
until we see life’s unfair on the surface

but go deep: magnetic presence
powers us when we are locked
in sth/squabbling lies crafted
just to guide our energy/

that valuable asset
we so willingly provide.
Who gathers up our sweat
and gushes, well, at least you tried?

Inspired by Kidnap, Scruples, Acquit, Inequality and two dogs enjoying the beach near Lima, Peru.

Soundcloud recording here.

It’s No Secret

The orange-violet sky lights
my meditation until now
squinting into golden blessings
the beauty bows my head.

Reverence walks me unsolemn
guides the frivolous joy
songs through my veins
like blood and so

I refuse to say goodbye
to childhood when I see you
we turn the world upside down
and play and play and play.

Inspired by: Guide, Refuse, Goodbye, Secret and Frivolous.

Soundcloud recording here.

Featured image by the amazing Jessica Buono.

Grove Child

It’s important to keep drawing attention to the way we’re being manipulated out of having any control over not just what happens in our world, but over what we think about what happens in our world.~Caitlin Johnstone 

As a child, I knew one and one
is more than two. Objective science
impossibility, how can we
subtract ourselves from any
equation? Daffy ideas, and foolish
notions, separation presented as fact,
emotions denied, some caprice of robotic
will drummed into me, drumming me still.
As if an unsound tangent took the place
of integrated, syncopated pace
that I could see and feel and trace
in roots and branches, leaves
the grove in which I bathed perceives
me, dissected and inspected
enslaved by depraved systems
which I ought to imitate
for a good grade, abandoning
my precious glade. Urged to behave
while all around me science dug
its unearthly grave. A circling
pattern of thoughts inserted
and my young self perverted
until we arrive today.
That story no longer holds sway.
We see we are complete, as obvious
lies crumble at our rooted feet.
And here we compost this rich soil
with our collective intentions,
the cosmos glimpsed as we uncoil
poised for this evolutionary leap
waking from cultured hypnotic sleep.

Inspired by: Tangent, Daffy, Complete and  Caprice.

Soundcloud recording here.

Girl Power!

We cease our labor, dive
into that fling your arms
around joy when you get
gotten. Fire uncovered
under pastel pretties,
our blaze begotten,
we discover girl power!
The musical beings we are
empower each other beyond
the scoffing provable hypotheses.
Doffing those scientific hats
we’re up to bat.
They doubt what we know
bound to their blinders
saying what’s so with
constant reminders of
facts they’ve learned in books.
We take a look and see
they’ve forgotten their experiments
need them, spirit-
less evidence decreed
crystals are just rocks,
for the lack of a voice box.
Soured by their lack of magic,
and even though that’s tragic,
we slide around their tricky
doubts, weaving our knowing
through their stance
without a single glance
to see if they’ll follow.
Listen: I’m a warrior for
sentience, it’s all stardust
wherever you are. Sitting criss-
cross applesauce with younglings
we discover how to run
rings around the stagnant
places. We do fun things:
offer handmade impossible
treats, our pizza flavors:
blueberry love
is our favorite. Singing
the new grove as we co-
create reality with no limits.
In harmony we offer
our hearts: just try one bite,
you’ll see just how we be.

Inspired by: Discover, Labor, Musical, Pastel and a visit with lovely grandnieces.

Recording on soundcloud here.

Where Power Emerges

Here I am, changing my
beliefs, with giant leaps
of faith. Superpowers unseen
by my pliant sheep emerge
in this interval city scene
caught in the aftermath
of a popular holiday

designed to lure
children into the sight
of a beneficent old white
man bearing gifts. Wholeheartedly
receiving obvious miracles,
the rifts of machinations
buried deep in the foundations.
Still, it’s a choice: do you
believe Santa Claus is true?
And at the edge of the precipice
of knowledge, a youth can glimpse
the edifice.

Here is the place
of power.

Can we learn to
discern–understanding the myth
presented by parents’ delighted
glory, not saying, they lie,
instead realize it’s all story.
In the surge of cultural dogma,
ancestral tugs and frantic
trauma, fragmented selves say
in panic, this is real!
caught in the riptide
dragging under.

Listen: the voice
that tells of peril is true
freedom if only we can perceive
the inner demons, loosening
their grip give them the slip
in the expanded space of now.

Inspired by: Interval, Freedom, Popular and Aftermath.

Listen on soundcloud here.

The Naked Truth

Oust the tainted words designed
to hold us in thrall.
By my reckoning—
another way to confine
weigh my worth (small)—
too many to count.
There is this other.
I’m either like my father
or my mother
good or bad,
happy or sad,
ashamed or mad.
I can’t surmount
instructed to ignore
who I am, this complex whole
the synthesis rising, the door
from that love connection
no one controls.

We’re told we can’t have both,
we’re stuck. We must choose
left or right, never to meet
two arms, two legs,
two hands, two feet
no traction
spinning in the muck.

Time looms, we feel
we must hurry
toward what is real,
more perfect than this
uncomfortable now,
we aren’t taught how
the four-chambered heart
links us deep into


we start
tingling energy spirals
grounding into base
primal the earth, the sun
reaching through me
for the life-giving kiss
duality undone.

I hold what I find
difficult this morning
pulled by color and light
from the house into dawn,
spilling all around
brilliant bursts
subtle glowing
held in all,
vastness celebrating
liberating yes, and.

Inspired by: Oust, Either, Reckoning and Naked. Listen to this on soundcloud here. And by this glorious morning as (above) the moon surprised me when I was out taking photos of this sunrise (below).



Letter From The Front

The incidence of déjà vu increases.
My favorite cinnamon replicated;

now the two nest side by side
in the cupboard. The weatherman

predicts sunny and clear and yet
fog has swallowed the lake.

Two dates with loved ones cancelled.
The insidious hint of death and

destruction tightens my chest.
I’m eating so if my well-

being depends on diet, how
fortuitous food is available still.

Someone is nearing the end
of life and for once I hope

it isn’t me. Finally peeling
back the layers of ignorance

forced by education and language,
the theft of my inheritance, the good

earth raped and pillaged, for sale and
all the money crying in cages of the

one percent–the catchy phrase we call
our masters lately. The propagandized

mind numb to the shadows.
I’m finally open to love, standing

to claim this darkness. The hoarders
seeped in greed surround me but

their narrative can’t resonate now.
Being well in the poisoned air

requires this deliberate, delicate
shift in the clear and present danger

of endless war on war,
just a horror story after all

to seize our waking dream.
I choose to sing instead.

Inspired by: Shadow, Fortuitous, Destruction and Well-being.