We Lift Them

At five she reminds me
morning comes gently, a kiss
wriggled greeting and so
my spiritual practice becomes
a measured walk along the rain-
drenched city streets. Here
in the island submerged
by the tsunami of Amazon’s
insidious vendition and Google’s
artful manipulation, the trash
along the walk proclaims
allegiance to the holiday
of spending. The taped boxes
ripped, the handsome wrapping
flapping in the stuffed bins.
We exchange our gifts daily:
breath with trees, holding
this wide embrace for
the voiceless beings. Ahead,
a young teen walks his frantic
puppy, lifts a song
in a surprise of depth
and I am moved by his
bold melody, the words indistinct
but clearly we praise together.

Inspired by: Tape, Handsome, Spiritual and Vendition.