No Limits Is The Key

This morning my path strewn with obstacles
appears the opposite of what I’ve prayed
so fervently I expect miracles
summoning guides and angels to play.

All childish narratives must be revealed
and stories about what’s in front of me–
the dark and dirty secrets I’ve concealed
I bring to light with heavenly help. See

I’m moving limitless beyond, above
some sky you might conceive to cage me. Love
has no limits. Warnings betray the bones
of fear’s construction. With this key alone

the lunatic fringe unveils the tarnish
of the ravishing, utterly false ploy
offering. Elucidation: varnish
thin and cracking under the weight of joy.

Expand my DNA as I receive
what I project so mindfully. Rejoice!
My courage leads me into now. Perceive
I move mountains with my authentic voice.

Inspired by a kind and loving response from the amazing Dan Booth Cohen, and these prompts: ravishing, warning, fringe, betray and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt sky’s the limit. (Only the first three stanzas qualify for the SOCS prompt, the last two had FIVE edits, since once I read it over, I realized I had misread my hurried scrawl and had missing lines and rhymes. I’m linking anyway, because it’s such an amazing and fun prompt and I really want to spread the word.)

I Believe It’s Time For Me To Fly

Each movement towards personal wholeness acts also upon the whole of reality.~Francene Hart.

I list today’s action steps. The onus
is on me. Tackle waiting obstacles
–incessant noisy greed, season’s bonus—
as a summons of excellence tickles

my fancy. Climbing up, the canopy
reveals higher perspectives. Here I pray
a traveller’s protected panoply
of fearless steps. My truth renewed, I play.

Healing waters cascade on my parade.
Unlimited potential now awaits.
Descending back into the muck, eyes wide
I open heart and mind, leave comfort’s side.

Inspired by: Tackle, Incessant, Onus, Canopy, Waiting and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: List.