All According To Plan

SNAFU is an acronym that is widely used to stand for the sarcastic expression Situation Normal: All Fucked Up. It is a well-known example of military acronym slang, however the original military acronym stood for “Status Nominal: All Fucked Up.” ~ Wikipedia

At the checkout stand, my sweet potato

is scanned as a lime.  I realize

out loud that it is the coolest lime 

I’ve ever seen. The clerk meets my eyes, 

grins, “Yeah, I messed up,” 

and calmly scans on.  I thank her for

my new mantra:  Yep, I messed up.

We all do.  I can drop this constant

reaching for impossible perfection,

intimidated by my tendency to perform

great and glorious fuck-ups,

and just show up, curly hair awry,

no make-up, slip-slapping by in my flip-flops.

You might notice the scabs on my knees

and bruises on my shins.

I keep falling and I keep

running in my joy, 

checking in at the start

and end of each day

to pay attention and ask:

how do you experience being

in this moment?  And allowing

the answer to settle in,

calming all this chatter,

just being with this beautiful

imperfect heart right now.

Inspired by this post by shinyobjectssite.

Inspired by the Daily Addictions Post: Intimidate

Two posts in one day?! I posted before receiving the Daily Addictions Post challenge.  *Shrugs* I mess up!

Hanging out

As the old man rambled on,

I felt my thoughts take off,

transported on the magical journey,

willing to be led

startled by this new perspective.

This!, my soul exclaimed, rising

in exultation as chains and blinders

fell off so smoothly

it was as if they’d never been.

We walked together on a shore

newly revealed by the dawning

sun, the trackless sand spreading

in front of us, the waves

erasing evidence of our path.

He ended gently and as I settled to earth

I heard one of the foreign students

complain about the boring lecture.

The space between the uttered

words is lost when the translation

seizes it.  Perhaps we can only offer this mystery

like a shell cast up by the tide,

silent but for the distant

echo of the waves.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: lecture

Following Joy


This morning, while trying to make a silhouette

with an app my firewall will allow,

I strip the color first, but

then I am flung out into space,

ah, the joy of this moment:

he was already spilling out of my arms

stretching out into his glory

my heart expanding

as we felt into our new roles

of grandmother and grandson.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: silhouette