No Coincidence

We met in that careless synchronicity wizards know.  Car seat between us, his handsome young face alit.  Trading secrets that silver-haired grannies like me hold, but in 30,000 rides, he’d seen the way of Tao. 

I told him I lived on a lake. 

His dream was to leave the windy city of his birth and open his heart to the waves, the birds, the peace.  

He said, “I could live with someone older, do the chores, relax.”  

I thought what he was flirting with was the incantation, as wizards do.  

“I meditate,” he confided, so we both know there are moments caught between heartbeats where we meet.  Strangers no longer, we waved our wands to solve the planet’s woes, just so.  

By Departures, we tarried a spell until airport security prevailed.  Another wave, he drove away.  I glanced, curious, into the mirrored door.

Flash fiction in 144 words written for the dverse poets prompt:  prosery between heartbeats using the line “there are moments caught between heart-beats.”

Featured image using Lunapic‘s Van Gogh filter on a recent photo.


One must recondition the entire system of reflexes that constitute habit, so that neither habit nor sensory stimuli nor the influence or suggestions of environments, thoughts, desires or purposes of other people can interfere with the function or execution of your intuition or your relation between your inner self and that universal “something else.” That must come before all else — “or else,” in the final transaction.~Joseph Sadony

At the crossroads lit in garish
distress, my inner GPS indicates

a turning in my journey
no chicanery, vain query

is it so? Intuition knows
what the senses never expose

humans blithely blind
and still below our feet, all

beings meet. Our heads
are in the air, our hearts

encased, untouchable.
We’re numb to being

vulnerable. The universe expands
inside our brains like shifting

sands. We all create a web
between our ties

multidimensional space,
our intentional lace sacred

geometrical and obviously
you’re skeptical even though

you feel the sweat trickle
from stones at night

out of sight. Reality is no
word on a page, no thought

spinning. Tune in.
Squint past the neon signs

obliviating the next step as if
our only choice is to trace

the hate-pattern written in our
genetic face. The signal may

be quiet now, but heed.
The more we listen,

the more we yield to lead
in our most basic dance

where we open our arms to what
we’ve always labelled pure chance.

Inspired by: Chicanery, Sweat, Garish and Turning.

Soundcloud recording here.

What Is Fog?

Still infatuated by summer, huddled
in fleece jacket and blankets, piping

hot coffee, I’m in between and so
tingling with tomorrow’s initiation into

esoteric lore that I sprang from
sleep in the dark. I’m easing out

of political borders and national fervor
sliding into a global village web.

Dawn paints majestic
bright pink clouds as blue

sky announces the coming sun.
The lake ghosts spectral moving

westward as if summoned–not
a retreat from the power of east–

dancing columns rising reaching
like fingers of smoke. Oh, don’t

nag me with science. I’m all about
the soul right now. Here outside

the trance of modern life, taste
synchronicity, allow each significant

message to open me. Amidst
mystery, tasting cold on this

autumn porch. The light moves
me just as the dark

eases awareness into new
possibilities filtered out

by fear available now as I
fall in love with the portal

between night and day birds
assure my waking from my fog

Inspired by: Esoteric, Amidst, Infatuation, National and the Stream of Consciousness prompt to use -tast-. (And yesterday, my three-year-old grandson stopped me as I read an unfamiliar word and asked, “Bibi, what is fog?”)

Full Moon Calling

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds.”
— Bob Marley, Redemption Song

Strange that I continue to be astonished
by synchronicity, chance comments
that open new worlds,
coincidences that bring needed
resources. Today Bob Marley
started singing Redemption Song
on my computer. How in the world
did he open iTunes and press play to share
his songs of freedom? It was the perfect
conclusion to a full moon ceremony
where I released the tight
doubts gripping
what I am manifesting.
I am standing in the space
of I don’t know
and that’s where all the power flows.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: astonish