Wherever Light Is

“Sunflowers end up facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way there.” ― J.R. Rim

“Bring me the sunflower crazed with the love of light.” – Eugenio Montale

In this interlude I’m grieving and breathe
when I can remember. The storm has passed
everywhere I turn signs of past debris
that must be cleaned. This working day will last

as paranormal sensitivity
summons your true heart to me through all space
lines are open your face I need to see
the tears welling I must allow, embrace.

Past daily codswallop ire-laced, fear-based
narrative-lies debase, we’re hypnotized
but surely waking to our rightful place
love stories flowing with a big surprise

Going to ground, moving this through, the way
is always messy, what emerges true
and ready for release. It rises–hey,
look at me in love the only way through.

Inspired by: Codswallop, Space, Paranormal and Interlude.

Hope More

Hopelessness is a psy op and it’s world-wide.  Don’t fall for it.~Jon Rappoport

“I want” implies I lack, I turn my back
on cognate kinship, all in my path

decried, the poisoned earth’s wrath
with lies. I say, this is not mine,

it’s all your fault. The circle
dancing ensō draws me swift

justice lesson-patterns reflect
the now I must bow to, respect.

Inspired by:  Circle, Dancing and Cognate. and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday post to use “want” as the first, second or third word of your post.

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Integrating The Light

“There’s a lot of bullshit in this world, and it just so happens that we each own an acre of it over which we have total and complete control.”~Caitlin Johnstone

How are all the currents ironed
smooth as a mirror each night?

Drawing me out of the house
to marvel. Big fish leap out

of the unfathomable sky
the lake has captured.

An ancient memory teases
the celebration as a Viking

heads homeward, his hold
filled with plunder, and my

subjugated grandmother, belly
still flat, tracking his departing

sails with joy. I stand at the
threshold and reflect

in this pivotal moment
out of time and space.

The blood-mingling, cell-
deep knowledge emerges.

Vulnerable as a seedling
daring to break the surface,

still I embrace what is.
Step by step I integrate

these gifts, looking
with fresh eyes at

what I can see
and learn about my way.

Inspired by: House, Reflect, Unfathomable and Viking.

Let Alone

The old woman said if I don’t live

my life according to my beliefs

I’m living a lie.

Envision each breath

as an advertisement

clear and concise

what I stand for, the key —

I’m interrupted by my mother

rushing past to growl and yip,

slam the door to scare away

the geese, unwelcome even on

the frozen ground.  They pay her

no mind and silence ensues.

Once again I slept past dawn

in my troubled dreams,

freeing my curls by cutting

my long locks, then

waking by wheezing.

So I missed that darkness limned

hints of early light,

that precise quiet



my ritual of awakening

that allows me to host the world

lightly.  To recognize the negative

spaces, I dedicate that time

now lost to the chattering

of hurting humans.  We can’t go

there together, even when I enter

first, hold the container wide

and strong.  The pain is too great,

and they rush to fill the vast

emptiness, locked down

alone together.

Inspired by: Lethargic, Envision, Advertisement and Key.