Rise From The Muck

The great news is, these natural remedies are still rooted in the earth and they are waiting to be found, again. They are waiting for you to happen by with the knowledge and the desire to turn them into medicine.~James Walton

It’s a beautiful way to see the world
at first sight my indolence might take your
breath. Jasmine redolence blooms unfurled
in summer’s drowsy daze. I’m in my core

and praising, grateful for each miracle,
not simpático with culture’s fear-rush
to judgment. Masked faces aren’t lyrical
denying how our bodies work. This fuss

one more failed psyop when we wake. What’s real
cannot be hidden, so I show my face.
My microbiome thanks yours for this feeling
hug, informing matter, human race

let go of false narratives in the thrum
and flow–electricity in aether–
still the lies that crowd into your head. Come.
Create, balance, our harmonic teachers.

Featured image: Lythrum salicaria, Purple Loosestrife, in full glory rising from a mucky swamp.  Considered an invasive species, its medicinal qualities are unheralded. Things are not always as they appear.

Inspired by: Redolence, Sight, Simpatico and Breath.

Doors of Perception

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” ― Aldous Huxley

This morning in the portal by the lake
my heart exults. New visitors appear:
a cinnamon singer–I came ill-prepped,
dashing back to the human realm for books
and binoculars. Oh, brown thrasher, sing
our true connection. From this moment on
inform my now with highest intent: love
bypasses the television-controlled
lethargic worried minds fatigued by non
sequiturs, an incessant house sparrow’s chipping.  I sit with birds, we electric
beings on the brink of discovery,
awakening again and again to
new creation always buzzing, humming
sacred unknowable unmoving light.


Featured image of a brown thrasher found here.

It’s Turtles All The Way

In yesterday’s imbalanced waking
parch overwhelmed me. Today
I determine to soothe

water and grounding these indignant
filaments writhing and buzzing
from the past’s unintegrated

barrage. I sit and extract
my personal fear, empowered
to heal myself, my family,

my lineage, society, the planet
the universe and more.
Time and distance constructs

—the illusion of separation—
dissolve, tumble like a child’s
castle made of blocks.

We build beliefs in our jangled
misperception of danger,
forget to knock them down

laughing and certain
of our power to create anew.
I tune in to what is

as all the ripples of my intention
create balance
here in the present

where I, a self-healing miracle
of love, resonate
a heartbeat, breath

infused in everything that matters
which is all, which is one,
awakening and taking the step now.