Look Into The Souls

The family is the nucleus of civilization. ~ Will Durant

Who is willing to face this movement?  Who dares to take this path?  I look around and I know myself moved by another power. How are you?  Did you come along with us on the path to success?  Together with many, to the right and to the left of you, and behind you?  And some who walk ahead? ~ Bert Hellinger

The very first time is always

frightening.  Burping and nauseous,

headaches and back spasms,

coughing, breathless: the ancestors

all contact you. A few are jumping in,

waving your hand, choose me!

While others are bowing your

head in shame and silence, covering you

with a shawl in this frigid air

suddenly calling forth goosebumps.

You’ve stepped into the room;

there’s no going back,

and the changes you expect

are miniscule compared to the heart-

wrenching nutcracker experience

that awaits you.  This is a family

constellation, and whether it is yours

or you are standing as a representative,

the issues raised are completely

personal.  They touch you

sometimes like nails screeching 

a chalkboard, or a Tibetan singing

bowl allowed to resonate for long

minutes, dropping deeper

into your cells as you ring

along.  You could feel hands

choking the life out of you.

You may collapse in fear.

Tears or wails or the darkest

silence, all available here.

And embrace it wholeheartedly

but be warned: this is not 

a magic remedy.

The insights here illuminate

the steps you must take

toward your own healing,

sloughing through the muck,

sweat dripping down your face

to mingle with your tears.

It’s never easy, it’s always essential

hard work, but now you know

your ancestors have your back,

gleeful and proud, giving you a push

and cheering you on

past the obstacles that held them

like fossils preserved in sticky resin.

And you walk toward your progeny

with all your amber jewelry a shining

inheritance, the patterns you’ve

uncovered highly polished now

in your daily practice.

Inspired by: Practice, Contact, constellation, expect, nucleus

Pardon The Expression

The calm power derived from your daily practice can transform what seems to be a disaster into a blessing. ~ Hua-Ching Ni

She challenges me to be kind

and show compassion and damn

if that doesn’t piss me off.

A gift, of course, to unwrap

here by the lake.  I long to be

lauded for my pure loving path,

to always do what’s best

for all in the most gentle

and respectful way.  I dislike

intensely being shown a reflection

of my fear and anger, as if

the image will be frozen

and I will always be stuck

in this frightened, pitiless pose.

Possibilities arise now

when I embrace this ugly

version of me.  So essential

I grew her carefully in the dank

prison cell of a cruel childhood.

She is valid.  I belong

in all my multifaceted bitchiness.

There.  I stick out my tongue

and frown.  Take that!


Inspired by: Expression, Challenge