Out of Difficulties

My wise embodied  future

self laughs with her entire

being, invites this sober

woman so intent on healing:

relax.  I anticipate her arrival

layers of resolutions

from dissonance to consonance

singing together

harmony emerging in the sheer

passionate joy


She is an enigma.

You can’t get there from here.

She beckons, glimmering

through the mists of knotted

cords, the entanglements

which hold me firmly in the past

I keep recreating

and calling the present.

I set my intention

in the deep space

of high intelligence

that surrounds me

always available

even when I’m squirming

like a worm on a hook,

all of my resistance an inevitable

lure to the destiny

I’ve rejected.  Come on,

stop the nibbling;

feast on me.

Take me into your cavernous

depths and transform me

into the next

unexpected miracle.

Inspired by: Resolutions, Enigma, Anticipate

Giftwrapped Serendipity

“Everything precious can be replaced.” ~ Victoria Stuart

I sent out a prayer
to open myself to the next
level of being in relationship.
Hoping to experience ease and pleasure.
And the responsive universe
immediately brought me gifts
— the type that used to make me
cringe, flee, cry, despair.
Growth, it seems, requires facing,
allowing all the experiences
I judged as bad, harmful, toxic
and first hid from, then escaped
before gathering courage to stand up to,
identify and protect myself from.
And always, they’ve exited the stage
only to enter again, stage right —
stage fright, house left —
dressed in different clothing.
Every experience I have resisted
clings to me, an energetic stamp
wrapping tight arms around me
in a death squeeze. Go away!
I proclaim, safe in the knowledge
that I have been a victim,
I’ve been traumatized,
for God’s sake!
Whose god?
Who’s God?
If I’m god, this is for my sake?
The gift becomes evident by its wrapping
scales of glittery resistance. I can spend
my days investigating, labeling, singing long and
passionately about it. But I keep sending out
my intention until now I see
if I can embrace the resistance I wrap
around this experience, there may well be
beauty inside. I never bother to open
the actual gift, I just resist
and resist the so-called toxic
wrapping, send it away and act
surprised when it arrives the next
moment, the loving universe yelling,
“Oh, my dearest love, surprise!”

Daily Ragtag Prompt: Scale

Inspired by the Word of The Day Challenge: Serendipity

I recycle 2016 Daily Word Prompts: Pleasure

A Notable Improvement

Once, it was easy to zone out

for an hour while a master moves

my muscles and limbs, but now

the intention I hold as

I move into spaces

transforms my very being.  I am here

to release because it is clear

that my grip is deadly.  Though

I hold on for dear life,

that chokehold is fatal.

A month ago, I named

what I want to release,

but in this healing container

created with an intuitive energy

mover, I am learning

the power of simplicity

offered by orthobionomy.

She touches my feet,

and all the things that I can’t stand

arise: full-blown, operatic,

enticing, beckoning, Jump in

— free admission! —

and relive that past trauma.

In the middle of the deluge, I remember

I am here to release,

so I let it go — I was holding that

in my feet?  When she moves

to my hands, all the things I can’t handle

arise. My body is so literal!

When what I believed I could handle

appears, my throat gets itchy

and a tear slides down my cheek.

I track its path in wonderment.

It feels huge, obvious as if traced

with a purple paint-laden brush,

and I am here, right now,

to release it all, even the joy

bubbling up in the freed-up places.

I open my treasure chest, intent upon

bestowing all that I’ve held dear,

all that’s held me captive.

She touches my scalp

rivulets of energy

zapping, finally freed,

flow down and out

the bubbling wells at the soles

of my feet. Soul work, indeed.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: notable