Hope Against Hope

I see April out with a storm

of regret’s dark mayhem swirling

through my heart.  A long night

Beltane’s leaping over fires

easing into this wet May morning.

Listen, I like to keep my poems

free from the murderous malice

my country displays, firing

bazookas indiscriminately

to secure these foreign lands

rich in resources.  As if my words

could be cleansed somehow

of the power that moves my fingers

on this up-to-date laptop

combining 66 minerals

mined from third-world countries

that can’t stop us

from tearing down their mountains

and stripping them of riches

that we need

to surf the web

and spout this

holier than thou

diatribe — okay, I’m owning this,

my moral compass spinning

wildly, and my mentors

all white as ghosts

and we’re all connected

in this infamy of oppression.

Mayday, mayday, mayday,

all life is threatened

by our hidden greed.

Driven blindly by this covert

need when everything

is here, gifts of love

we cannot heed.

Destruction our wake

plowing crazily

through the waters of life

without a clue.

Awake, awake, is it

too late?


Inspired by: Compass, Mayhem, Bazooka and Mentor. And this article on minerals used in computers and where the top ten are mined.

Virtually Empty

We sink uneasily

into our corpulent bodies

bloated with excessive

ingredients that never satisfy.

Longing for relaxation,

to close our eyes

erase the schoolbus in Yemen

and the children dead by U.S.



means support.  How much do you pay

Jeff Bezos for slave labor?

There is no simple purchase

in this world.  The cheap

throwaway is detrimental

even fatal to another being.

We cruise virtual aisles

filled with pirated plunder,

exclaiming with pride

what a bargain,

uttering an oath

at a hint of true cost.

The one percent dine

on delectables snatched

from our local noses.

Guards patrol gardens

and we huddle, hungry,

at the entry gates

of the promised land,

heads bowed,

eyes glazed

as we enter the flickering

screenshots of a more

palatable feast,

one click away.


Inspired by:  Relaxation, Detrimental, Corpulent,  and Oath.