Songs of Praise

I arrive in every second,

in order to laugh and cry…

the rhythm of my heart

is the birth and death of all that are alive.

My joy is like spring

so warm it makes flowers bloom

in my hands.

My pain is like a river

of tears so full it fills up

all the four oceans…

I arrive in every second.

~ from Please Call Me By My True Names ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As I run beside this two-year-old boy

barefoot and laughing my heart

opens wide, and my own inner

two-year-old peeps out, shy and worried

she’ll do something wrong.

She watches this child who wails 

passionately when I take off his dirty

airplane shirt, only stopping

when he feels his anguish

acknowledged by this deep presence

I bring to him.  We are healing every

two year old, those stuck in the frightful

past, those here right now,

and all the ones to come.  Can you feel

the stirrings of your own heart, no longer

separated by time or space

or any belief of our separation?

My imagination sparks

this innovative human

unrestricted by any need for civilization.

Let his joy welcome every being:

the charmed trash collector, the smiling

gardener waving from a riding

lawn mower, the wagging dogs,

honking geese and rumbling aircraft.

We arrive in this very second

honoring our wildfire passions

united at last on this garden walk,

trampling through the fragrant

flowers to greet every bug

with an exuberant, 

heartfelt, “Hi!”

Inspired by the Rag Tag Prompt: Imagination

(This video of Mirabai Ceiba sets Thich Nhat Hanh’s lyrics to beautiful music.)


It’s A Kind Of Magic

Once upon a time, I conjured a diamond ring.

No, seriously.  My sister-in-law had lost it

in the wilderness, devastated

and unsure where to begin to search.

The others told her to accept its loss

and move on, but I had just read

a book about nature magic,

so I went to the fire

and visualized that ring so clearly,

focusing on her tears

and waited for a sign.

A single stream of smoke

pointed off to the left,

so I followed it until it dissipated.

When it was gone, I looked around

wondering what the next clue was

and there it was, at my feet.

Her brother had just predicted,

“You’ll never find it,”

when I said

“Here it is!” I couldn’t tell

them what I’d done;

even the restoration of the prized heirloom

would not dislodge their disbelief

rooted firmly as they were

in a concrete world of particles

that do not coexist,

but merely sit uneasily next to each other,

unjoined, disjointed.

Any kind of magic that relies

on unity and connection,

any conjuring that pulls a thread

to reveal the whole cloth

was inconceivable, even though

the diamond sparkled in the sunlight,

even though I held it in my hand.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: conjure

Meow, er — Raaawr!!

“Can you become yourself in a way that adds a blessed roar to life?” — Michael Meade

I had more of a lilting song in mind,

trilling a la songbird,

fingerpicking my guitar

as I croon folksongs.

I only roar when my toddler grandson and I

hang out with stuffed lions

or tigers in board books.

I understand you are not asking me

to take this under advisement.

This is a direct challenge

for me to straighten my shoulders,

and roar from my very depths

with the intention to bless

the intertwined entangled

beingness that we are.

Ahem.  Here goes.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: trill

I Won’t Be Entertained

Just for a moment

I let go

of all my knowing, my ideas,

the preconceptions of you

that I maintain in my mind.

I will be present

right here, right now,

licking the crumbs of my blueberry muffin

from my lips,

my teeth grinding it into mush

to slide down my esophagus.

My friend the film producer says media

is a weapon of mass distraction

to keep the masses entertained.

I want to be with my breath right now

over and over again,

I want to keep watch

while my thoughts churn and bubble

into this container of now-ness

that I am holding.

To keep looking at you

as if I’ve never seen you before,

as if you have come especially to teach me,

holding the space of reverence

for the deep wisdom of your words.

We are all swirling together

like stars in the galaxies,

bright and shining connection in the darkness.

This week I refuse to be entertained.

Instead I will go out

into the darkness

and celebrate the starshine

of your essence

and mine.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: entertain