If Anyone Is

As sensible as a jolt of cold water ~ Laurie King

If anyone is sensible, it is

the poet, releasing logic and reason

feeling into mysteries with no desire.

While others pace with whips and

cages, we gape with new eyes,

run our fingers over the bumps

and wrinkles.  My mother cries,

did you ever? at every anomaly.

Strange and bad synonyms

to delineate edges of the comfort

zone.  Slightly mad and just plain

weird, we scribble our visions,

chatter with children and lean into

animals, whistle back to birds

and gasp as fairies flit our

peripheries.  We zoom in

deep wonder.  We live in uncertainty.

Thrumming into living clouds and

quivering forests.  Seeing being.

The lake breathes and undulates.

Tiny ones dance and hop and run

and fly!  We look into

unknowable as the divine

celebrates what cannot be named.

Written for a dverse prompt to “write in the 1st or 3rd person of your own experiences (real or imagined) or your witnessing mental health issues. Or if you prefer, base it on a poem which depicts living with, or alongside, ‘madness’ – and don’t forget to reference it!