Beyond The Paradigm

Walking maskless into the store: succor
and such compassion.  I stand in power
knowing there’s no paradox.  I demur
to these outlandish mandates which flower

among those trained to comply and obey.
Waking is difficult and fraught with pain.
Sleepwalking takes you to an altered place
where you are herded, muted and deranged.

Health crises revealed how my body works
in ways medical teams (Big Pharma-owned
and underwritten by undisclosed perks)
could not entertain. Hypnotized and honed,

simpler to label me noncompliant,
dismiss my living miracle, my gifts.
Sacred vessels are self-healing, pliant
releasing distortions.  Energy lifts 

my voice above the doubt and fear.  This time
I live in common sense and I don’t mind
the people bent on earth’s destruction.  Rhyme
and reason paired with logic, strength is mine.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Compassion, Paradox and Demur.

Featured image is a nourishing AIP (autoimmune protocol) broccoli “cheese” soup that is nutritious and delicious. Created and gifted by Michelle over at Unbound Wellness.

This Call To Action

The immortal spirit of every human being is engaged, whether he wants it to be or not. Jon Rappoport

This adventure should change you. Radically transform you. In real ways that you can watch happen day by day.~Caitlin Johnstone

We already have natural immune systems.  They work.~Jon Rappoport

We are Holy. When we meet,
microbes leap, greet

informing, learning evolution croon
invisible dancing thrill breathing tunes,

our receptive lives trading as we keep
ourselves alive, wake from our sleep.

We don’t know divine’s looking through our eyes.
In this great awakening, the string pulls

deep inside, it is my own creation
I decry. I stand empowered, pray some

childhood misperceptions which led me
to create a life unloved away–suddenly

the outside force that fed on this belief
is snaking, a loose hose, air escaping

hear the hissing failed attempt to suck my
energy. Falsehood has no place, erased

as I reclaim my sovereignty. Called to
our places—we signed up for this—the game

is on. The test is clear. No holding back.
Chin up, my dear! In this coming race, step

out of time that tries to force your pace. There’s
only now and there’s no how when we care.

Take each step, released. Realize we’re free,
have been, and always will be. Simply see.

Inspired by: Ambivalent, Call, UnderstatedManeuver and a gorgeous iris in the rain.