Here We Are To Save The Day!

This opulent planet stripped of her
finery, species dying unmourned and

unremarked, surely transcending
to the next dimension. God knows

what reports they’ll give — most
likely, block the doors, the humans

are killing machines! Our eventual
arrival delayed by these harsh

and sinister forces who keep
us distracted from the starry skies

locked into time and space with
this electronic glitter and cold

glass marbles we toy with.
Dazed and shaken by this

unrelenting greed, we meekly
accept our masters. Waiting

for some savior, just as we’re
instructed. Look up! This

lunar eclipse celebrates the star-
dust we are, deep space dance

truer than any Googled fact
or live-streamed story.

Break the spell. We call each
other’s true names and pull

our fingers from the pulsing
keys that lock our brains

and zap our spirit. Coming
to life at last, we burst

into now, hoping
it’s not too late.

Inspired by: Shake, Marble, Eventual and Opulent and the fairy tales that instruct us to sit back and wait to be saved.

Change of Tack

Winter knocked the wind

out of my sails, frozen

in this bay with no power

and no justice.  Come thaw,

I will set out once again

like these migrating ducks.

How many lands have

my ancestors shuffled through,

eking, aching hearts,

dreams to glide

to prosperity 

or at least


Indigenous to a mysterious

past, far back beyond

what’s remembered.

Stranger here

and the earth is muttering

darkly with the disrespected

bones we feel

in this thick air.

We open to the despair,

the only bridge

to hope

that tiny glimmer.

Every intuitive leap

brings us closer

to the edge

of change

like spring,

that long-awaited miracle



Inspired by Justice, Power, Thaw and Sail.