So Happy Together

When you’re with me, baby, the skies will be blue.~Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon.

We weave in an intricate sense-pulled dance.
Aficionada of light romance
I’m framing shots while squatting very still.
She’s nosing through the leaves, dragging downhill

against my arbitrary stops. Her trail
beyond the concrete a new world unveils.
I pause and finally she enters in.
We hunters pose: she points, I click, ducks swim.

Inspired by: Aficionado, Arbitrary, Concrete, Intricate and a morning photo walk with my dog.

Featured image: This scene we both agreed was key. Below: Cassidy doing what she loves best.

Before The Light

Under the bright crescent gleam reflected
earth, our outlet, to pace undetected
a woman and a dog, brash and fearless
with business to attend, accord peerless

no frictions to soothe, no path to discuss,
I lead, we proceed without any fuss.
No need to malinger, hearts open, calm,
the lingering hush of dawn our sweet balm.

Inspired by: Brash, Discuss, Malinger and Outlet.