Dive Deep

Every data point is either false, exaggerated, or taken out of context. The conclusion is preconceived black propaganda void of sustaining analysis.~Scott Ritter

While we hurtle through the canyons
losing sight of our companions
the current tumbling us apart
where are we heading? we start
to succumb to a daydream, we scheme.
no one thing we can hang onto
where’s our civilization gone to?
our grasp desperate, inutile
resistance is futile
unintegrated past debris
we choke, we cannot breathe.
This severe acute respiratory
syndrome in the hands of story-
tellers with an evil aim
to gain the steering game
an influx of panic and fear
a threat to all we hold dear.
How can we take a bearing?
Be here now, gentle and caring.
Contemplate and as fear rises
acknowledge the surprises.
The military might outside the door
is not to save your life, now
calls for deep listening
open your heart. We’re glistening
like dew upon a flower.
Let this moment be our finest hour.
I’m here for you and you for me.
Shh. With this one breath dive deep.

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Inspired by Contemplate, Daydream, Hang On and Bearing.

Featured image of “Indra’s Net: it’s a metaphor for inter-being” from thoughtco.com

With intention, we align













Sammi Cox’s weekend challenge is to use “Muddle” to create a post with exactly 16 words.  Blessing and aloha!  When scarcity and confusion seem to reign, we can give each other breath and presence and sort out the muddle.  

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In the fragile moments…

…love needs to run the show.~Thomas Huebl

Each factoid conflates and the
twittering ensues: a chirp of doubt
a caw of derision cues uneasy
flutters of the flock, buffleheads
suddenly alert. A silent bald
eagle swoops spiraling
a kick of panic, they rise
called to scatter, frantic.
It seems that things are breaking
away. The landscape shifts
earth shaking, heart aching.
Eerie, empty and the lap
of water here where I anchor
settle my electric nerves
though I may wish to fly
I find I’m rooted in relation.
How may I serve you?
Reactions seek ground. Out of
the box confined, away from
the flickering nervous screen
I bow before this glorious
life delightful flow
through me in ways
I cannot say. Silent now
leave the fray. Together
we will find a path
that’s kind. We go within.
Embrace the fear awaiting
I’m with you. In connection
we will hold a space
for what is true
emerging in our humble grace.

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Inspired by: Conflate, Delightful, Kick and Anchor.

How do we?

Everyone’s been primed by years of popular post-apocalyptic movies/shows, as well as a growing sense of dread and a general intuition that something’s gotta give soon. Please stay calm and let your better nature win out, humans. We can use this opportunity to transcend ourselves.~Caitlin Johnstone

How do we navigate this new territory
so long astray? Our browsing history
composed of questions avoided, rejected
spaces we cannot traverse. We’ve erected
walls of beliefs, each brick of fear
cages us helpless. Still this is the year
we rise above the paradigm, high time
we use heart speech. Abandon greed
capitalism revealed can never feed
our connected souls. Each essential voice
rejoice, we hold the space
receive your unique gift with grace.
We open up, distribute what’s been
hoarded, abundance flow escapes
the sordid hold. This new landscape
revealed, at last we see the web
connecting every living being,
a network respecting what we bring,
how we laugh and cry and love and sing.

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Inspired by Something, Browse, Traverse, Navigate and Astray.

Featured image from One Earth Sangha.

Creation Myths

In the palace we’ve been kneeling
to the flickering blue god
lapping up the dopamine, reeling
unspeakable homage awed, odd
existence we’ve constructed
in our dreams. I’m a white
boomer, cowed, misinstructed
a sacrificial volunteer
because I’m here, I survived
the twists of narrative shifts.
Today the palace walls reveal
a makeshift cabin, cables bare
unravel, down to the wire
dangerously sparking. There
the narrative gap appears
we blink in dissonance and fear:
why are we here? Who wields power
panic-driving in this practiced
horror flick? Didn’t I read this
contrived plot in dystopian schtick?
I turn from this projection, sing
with calm, unwavering I reach
the door, ignore the rich confection
beckoning quest, I feel the trees
rooted drawing spring, the birds
praising what’s real disregarded
too many words, our separation
myths drive us to this. And yet
we freak out when the story shifts.
Here is the opening: dive in.
The world is new now we create
the saving gifts. I’m here
for you in ways we have no clue.

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Inspired by quest, cabin, calm and the Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt wire, the unsettling panic descending when the narrative shifts abruptly and the public service announcement: this is the chance we’ve been waiting for to step out of the old paradigm and create connection.

Go Figure

The embers are cool, and I have lost
the eyes of long regard and so alone
I face my darkest corners, create
a ledge and perch watchful.
This is the glitch I spy
from far below, peeking with
frightened courage. Overwhelmed
by life’s adventure, everything
strained, the ice holding
beyond the boiling water.
If I could cut a romantic
figure, I’d persuade you to
look deep into my heart
the way I do and with such calm
kindness hold the sinewy
dark cords pulling insistent.
More and more space, there’s a
crowd and I can’t catch
my breath. Sidereal Sun’s in
Aquarius. Earth quickens
toward spring. Moon flirts
with fullness. Deep in spaces
of unclaimed dreams, do you
invite the end of the world?
Do you ask if you are worthy,
do you wish someone to show
exactly how to love?
Fairytale-rescues of
powerless, bound
by magical powers unseen.
I set out to see the world
and find love. And do we all?
Is love a luxury? All these words
of course lead me astray.
I sit in quiet, greet
each moment precisely.
And when a thought proclaims,
you’re not who/what/why/where
you should be, yes, and
I learn, oh, this is love.

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Inspired by Adventure, Everything, Water, Glitch and the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt Figure. (Rules for SOCS prompt, and why this poem is all over the place, “your post must be stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing (typos can be fixed), and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.”)

End of Winter’s Dream

I have done all that I could to see the evil and the good without hiding.
You must help me if you can. Doctor, my eyes. Tell me what is wrong.
Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?~Jackson Browne

Nine hundred miles south as the crow
flies, the hawks copulate in leafed-out
branches, loud cries and beating those
feathered wings–fifty-inch span–I doubt
these details matter much to you
in your smooth–dare I say snooty
ride, passing me by while I peer
upwards as I drive. The female settled
in a vee so noisily I hit record,
can you imagine my surprise when he
answered her call? Floored. They struck
a chord. They did the deed
in front of me. They mate for life,
create a bond. And what I’ve seen
remains; in fact it grows with
every kree I hear in these
northern skies. In the sloth
of winter’s haze, dazed and sleepy
I throw off my suffocating
covers, greet my avian neighbors
as all around the lake, beings wake.

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Inspired by Snooty, Smooth, HazeDetails and a mating pair of hawks (my free wordpress account won’t let me upload the video).