Nursery Rhyming

“Take care of your friends.  You never have to feel lonely ever again.” — Jeroen Raes 1

There are all of these mirrors, you see

and songs that identify head, shoulders, knees and toes,

knees and toes.  We teach

our young to trust appearances

but the dark truth is:

we are mysterious creatures,

a walking bacterial colony

having a human experience.

We never mention our gut flora

although we urge handwashing with antibacterial

soap, proving how little we understand

our actual identities.

Our bacteria crave the foods we are drawn to,

and it is easier to be a slave

to a sugar addict

than to step up and feed

the flora that keep us well.

Can you imagine a board book

for toddlers that describes

the 100 trillion bacteria

that we really are?

I would hope it includes starshine

and waves of energy,

all the invisible lifelines

that make us feel whole,


constellations working optimally,

spiderwebs of connection

and a song about how the doors

of the heart go open and shut

all life long.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: creature


Heart Dance

“The idea that everything from spoons to stones are conscious is gaining academic credibility.” — Olivia Goldhill, QuartzMedia 1

“You’re gonna put me out of a job here.” —Tom Petty to the crowd singing Breakdown at the Fillmore.

I sympathize with your need

to grasp power, the belief

that you are separate and alone.

The scientists taught you well,

taking apart bodies like matryoshka dolls

nesting whole within each other,

each piece smaller,

down to the tiniest particle

to say, now we have you!  Now

we name you.  Now we know you.

Oblivious to the obvious.

Chasing after power and separating

are distractions.  They will keep you busy,

empty, hopeful,

good consumers of ever expanding

piles of worthless crap.

We poets know this life is a dance,

that you are dreamed into being

by trees, the brilliant sunrise,

vast oceans and starstruck skies.

To find power, you must put together,

open your heart to the connection:

that quantum entanglement

stretching beyond space and time,

love that infuses our microbiota,

streams from the distant stars

wraps you in wholeness

with all of your cousins:

the rocks, the flowers,

music, laughter,

tears, and of course

wolves and bears and people

of every color and creed.

When scientists become poets,

where do we go

like shooting stars across the horizon

together at last?

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: sympathize