In This Silence

I’m huddled in fleece and the August day
drips around the beach umbrella. Sip hot
coffee and my pen’s poised, ready to play
while a cicada chorus tymbals thought

away. Begone, yon military jargon,
jarring my harmony. Honcho brings
uneasy images of shooting stars
without a clue of how love’s tuning zings.

So here I sit, respectful of the way
we fumble, heads filled with pizzazz we tout.
Our cries I can’t augment denial’s bray.
Time to create, reflect what’s in without.

Inspired by:  Tout, Pizzazz, Honcho and Respectful

Featured image an amazing sunset that ushered out July.

Imagine Now

If you really begin to create a new future that is ambitious and big and adventurous, you will feel and see new things. Will you or won’t you create? You can only break free by creating new experience. Self-initiative, forceful, the higher sequence for getting outside the bubble is: Imagination—>Creation~~>Action!~Jon Rappoport

‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said the Queen. ‘When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”~Lewis Carroll

Every word and act a gift, intrepid
down on the beach, the sand castles you build
with burning focused energy. Headed
for despair you wail at the tide. What’s killed

when the walls come tumbling down? Pure
dogma urges: pack it harder, success
dangling over your persistence. Fury
leaves you tired and alone. Fear dresses

in clothes too tight to breathe. Unbreakable
core high on the cliffs under stars dancing,
your currency, your faith unshakeable
moves you to light from shadows entrancing.

Imagine the impossible! Let’s dig
now, no limits, grounded in love we find
our inspiration dares us to go big.
Creating anew, old patterns unwind.

Inspired by:  Sand castle, Unbreakable, Dogma and Intrepid.

Rise From The Muck

The great news is, these natural remedies are still rooted in the earth and they are waiting to be found, again. They are waiting for you to happen by with the knowledge and the desire to turn them into medicine.~James Walton

It’s a beautiful way to see the world
at first sight my indolence might take your
breath. Jasmine redolence blooms unfurled
in summer’s drowsy daze. I’m in my core

and praising, grateful for each miracle,
not simpático with culture’s fear-rush
to judgment. Masked faces aren’t lyrical
denying how our bodies work. This fuss

one more failed psyop when we wake. What’s real
cannot be hidden, so I show my face.
My microbiome thanks yours for this feeling
hug, informing matter, human race

let go of false narratives in the thrum
and flow–electricity in aether–
still the lies that crowd into your head. Come.
Create, balance, our harmonic teachers.

Featured image: Lythrum salicaria, Purple Loosestrife, in full glory rising from a mucky swamp.  Considered an invasive species, its medicinal qualities are unheralded. Things are not always as they appear.

Inspired by: Redolence, Sight, Simpatico and Breath.

Let Us Rejoice

From this pergola, inky darkness pierced
by a waxing silver fingernail moon,
I ascertain the sky clock, pure and fierce
and calling for attention all too soon

for the ungrounded masses’ energies
expended on disclosure, frittering
their true currency. To reach synergy
relinquish bickering by twittering

catchphrases and slogans founded in lies.
The truth flows easily like water though
in this desert there’s no holding. Sunrise
brings vast vistas impossible to slow

we realize we must embrace the taste
love brings even to the bitterest things.
Eyes on the skies, feet on the ground, all haste
released. In the now open hearts and sing.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Inky, Fingernail, Ascertain and Pergola.

All Due Respect

“Sometimes I felt like a hueman kaleidoscope, a walking collection of shattered glass with bits of crazy color churning inside me.” ~Eleyne-Mari Sharp, Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color

My stout heart seems friable in this mist
as morning spits then pauses. That’s thunder
or a heavy truck. The muted sounds hiss.
My skin accepts the kiss and I wonder

how this epic life unfolds. This moment
bliss as I let go of expectations
I’d been holding, creating such torment
heedless, blind, soothed by pithy placations

yet all is well from the initial sight
all the beliefs I’ve bundled to protect
needless, I’m untouchable now love’s light’s
illuminating shadows I project.

Inspired by: Initial, Stout, Epic and Frangible.

Featured image leaves from a great sugar maple, using the kaleidoscope effect.

Star Signs

In fact, the deeper you explore the concept of freedom, the more you realize that creating something new, and creating that occurs outside a tight chain of prior cause and effect, are very much a part of what freedom means.  Understanding these factors should be liberating.~Jon Rappoport

These planets hang low, ripe and attentive
arriving early in the aid designed
out of time. Repeat their names, retentive
in the grid-fail conversations defined

in lost books, ancestral lore metaphor
streamlined efficacy to pass secrets
why we’re who we are, what this world is for
new cycle ushers in, erasing debts

and enslavement. In the foretold crumbling
of the narrative, we rise insightful
creativity our birthright rumbling
now as we imagine free delightful.

Inspired by: Conversation, Aid, Design and Efficacy.

Featured image by Space.

A Closer Look

Real eyes realize real lies.~Robb Flynn

I’m a frazzled live wire distracted
and my pen’s run dry. So I’m reaching for a
crunchy snack–despite a hint of acrid
cleaners–each messy moment teaching more.

Outside the sun is fiercely claiming noon.
My chores complete, I invite me to face
exactly what’s been lurking out of tune.
Project my demons on this mirror stage

I create–reserve a smickering look
for the writer of this script. The plot twists!
Arbitrary snark! Floods of tears to brook.
Allowing all. What I resist persists.

Showing up in all my glory loving
the judgmental voices, the shy, the blue,
out of balance in this moment, shoving
as I embrace me now so I’ll see you.

Inspired by: Reserve, Arbitrary, Smicker and Project.

Now Is No Time

“We are living in a time where large cleaning processes show us the massive amount of collective fear that is arising. If we combine that understanding with presence, it’s an amazing moment for humanity to deepen our grounding and the connection to our embodiment. Without presence, I will only be scared and frightened and will allow fear to run my decisions.”~Thomas Huebl

The trees are dripping light and tender drops
of rain they’ve held as if this ray of sun
is calling us each to let go, look up,
receive the sweet abundance, rightful one!

We emerge from old stories once precious
cast aside as new creations shake us
awake. Ascend in this now precocious
losing fear, rejoicing our love takes us

to the central core: who we are and more
why we together gather here awake.
I offer you insights, hardwon, implore
open space!  Now is no time to waste.

Soundcloud recording here.

Inspired by: Sweet, Space, Precocious and Rightful.

Choosing The Story

Just before storming morning air chills, two
birds trill from tall treetops in the gray, fly
above a black dog and I sitting through
grace. One quivering nose lifted to sky.

Cynical ones steaming in fear logy
from the media stream, schooled in the new
reality. Nefelibata me
barefoot, grounded, unmasked, singing my true

grasp of biology. Propaganda
cannily conquers, now a human face
connotes selfish-bonkers. A cough, slandered.
Has compassion now vanished from our race?

Inspired by: Grace, Cynical, Connote, Nefelibata, outings yesterday when I had to reveal personal medical information to strangers in order to buy their company’s goods (goodbye HIPAA), and this thoughtful piece by Kelly Brogan.

Choosing Light

As always, we can flow with this in the calm of Zero Point, or wrestle with the currents in the chaotic fray of the storm.~Sandra Walter

As I’m treading this water, a dollop
of despair descends before I can duck
into now. Linear echos call up
the past. No choice at the junction I’m stuck

so I equivocate; my calls to flow
just agitate. Eyes closed, I center, ground
and so remember breath. All I don’t know
can be held lightly or denied, thrown down.

All that I have just might be anchors, pull
me from the sacred receptivity
just asking, how can I serve right now? Full
and empty, streaming creativity.

Inspired by: Dollop, Lightly, Junction and Equivocate.